Working magic on alleviating allergies

June 2, 2017

Everybody struggles to get going after a long weekend, but there was no slacking in the FoodTalk studio for Sue Nelson and Guy Routledge – they had some fantastic advice to hoover-up too.

To kick us off, we noticed we were in a bit of a Wandsworth world. Sue was born there, Guy lives there and, most importantly, our first guest Helen Roberts is working Wandsworth magic for local companies in the food industry. Advice, workshops and events – they do it all to help.

For the rest of the show, we got to grips with a massive talking point in the Food Sector at the moment – food allergies and intolerances. With more and more people discovering health issues, it has coincided with many more businesses sensing the gap and popping up to help.

First of all, we heard back from Mannavida – they create some amazing kits designed to help people with a gluten intolerance to enjoy delicious breads in their home without having to scour the supermarket shelves for a bread that’s not only expensive but doesn’t taste as good as bread should.

Our final guest, Mittun Sharma, wishes that cost was the only issue in his weekly shop – he currently has the added drain of time, ever since his family discovered that his daughter is allergic to nearly all food types. The hours spent trying and failing to find suitable foods led him to creating his myAllergy app – a tool of good for people aghast at their allergies.


Going nuts about gin

May 26, 2017

Unprecedented for the UK, we’ve had virtually a whole week with warm weather. Not unprecedented in the FoodTalk studio, however, is a high calibre of foodie guests – Sue Nelson and Guy Routledge had some tasty treats for a summer’s day.

It all got a bit boozy in the beginning though. Despite connecting via a phoneline to Scotland, Martin Murray had managed to sort us out with some beautiful Rockrose Gin and Holy Grass Vodka. The guys at Dunnet Bay Distillery are certainly going places and we got a taste of exactly why.

After all that Gin and Vodka, we had a lethargic moment – we all know the feeling. You never want to cook when you’re in that state, so it was quite handy that we heard from Asa of iRaw. They have some cracking healthy snacks!

For most, our final guest needs no introduction. You’ll probably have seen the perfect Pip & Nut Peanut Butter in all of the big supermarkets – but did you know the fantastic story behind it too? Pippa Murray is a bit of a business superstar and has a fantastic story to tell. 



Grilling Puff Daddy

May 19, 2017

We had a wonderfully weird FoodTalk Show this week. There was a member of the Cadbury family and Puff Daddy, but we weren’t talking chocolate or rap music . What on earth would Sue Nelson and Guy Routledge be discussing then?

Well, first of all, let’s explain Puff Daddy. Craig Hughes isn’t the Puff Daddy, but he’s our Puff Daddy. I know you’re still confused though, why is he our Puff Daddy? Basically, he has it stitched into his suit jacket and is one of the driving forces behind Hippeas – the chickpea delights with a perfect puff. 

Moving from peas to beans (we were right on the pulse this week), we heard from the flavoured coffee company, Beanies. Mark explains all about their rise and how they have managed to make a perky cuppa that’s only two calories…

Now to explain the Cadbury bit. This story is much more simple, but the story is just as amazing. Justin Cadbury, great-grandson of the chocolate founder, is the Chairman of a revolutionary bit of kitchen technology called Synergy Grill. Words cannot do justice as to how amazing this is; no fat and halved gas bills anybody?


This little piggy is souperb

May 12, 2017

We breathed fire this week, in more ways than one. Sue Nelson struggled to tame some snacks with a kick and both of our guests have been in the belly of Dragons. 

We do of course mean the BBC show, Dragons Den. It was a bit of a shock before recording when it turned out that Andrew Watmuff and Nick Colman knew each other well as a result of winning investment from the same dragon.

We were ready to try some lovely food to kick-off the conversation but ready-made meals are, as we know, mostly terrible. The dark days of the manky microwave meal may be over though. Watmuff & Beckett have developed some superb soups and risottos that genuinely taste like the real deal.

Sticking with soup, we had a look at some of the options that are available to vegans and those with other certain dietary requirements. Soupologie are leading the way in that field, so we heard more on their story.

By this point we were ready to pig out with some porky snacks. Luckily we had The Snaffling Pig Co. on hand. They make some cracking crackling – these are nothing like scratchings and they even make a meaty advent calendar.


London calling to faraway towns

May 5, 2017

On a day where Social Media reached a frenzy over an ‘emergency announcement’ at Buckingham Palace, there were no unwelcome surprises in the FoodTalk studio as the trio of Sue Nelson, Guy Routledge and Ollie Lloyd returned to present another fantastic show.

While the crowds hit the Queen’s residence, the more chilled half of the city were still counting the days until Ben Leask reopens his popular shop, Ben’s House. A fantastic boutique of the capital’s finest and quirkiest food and drink will be hitting Kings Cross soon after the success meant that it had outgrown its Fitzrovia home. Make sure you find out about his story.

Earlier in the week, Sue visited a fudge factory too – blue hair cap and everything. This is not a variation on Willy Wonka though, we caught up with Sian Holt who is developing some amazing drinking fudge at Fudge Kitchen.

Now, you may have heard about our FoodTalk Awards already – but now it’s time to book some tickets here. Need some convincing? Just listen to the presenters run through some of the amazing finalists. This is not one to be missed.




Honey, I’m Beeing social

April 28, 2017

We don’t believe in the term ‘too many cooks spoil the broth.’ On this week’s FoodTalk Show we welcomed Ollie Lloyd from Great British Chefs to present alongside Sue Nelson and Guy Routledge.

 With so many people in the studio, it was lucky that we were talking about being social. Chris Nicholas is a bit of an expert when it comes to food marketing, his company Sumwot Social are all over the latest trends on Social Media and he gave some valuable advice and insight into the best platforms. 

We simply had to hear from FoodTalk’s Social Media man, Harry, too. He is nearing the end of his #HarryEatsHoppers insect diet. There’s been no wriggling out of this one.

From insects on the ground to insects in the sky, we had a chat about bees. Don’t worry, we weren’t being stung on the tongue, we were just looking at honey and how Hannah Rhodes has managed to turn the nectar into a beer. Hiver Beers is the name you need to look out for.


Sweet superfood surprise

April 21, 2017

We’ve just had Easter and eaten far too much chocolate over the long weekend, so of course we had yet more chocolate in the FoodTalk Studio for Steve Griffiths and Guy Routledge to enjoy. It’s not as unhealthy as it sounds though…


Why is chocolate and the phrase ‘not as unhealthy as it sounds’ in the same sentence I hear you ask? Well, we met Ed Smith and Rich Wilkinson from Doisy & Dam. They are making waves in the industry with their superfood chocolate, it’s so much better for you and it tastes great.


While Sue couldn’t join us in the studio this week, she did meet Clare & Sebastien Dont from Create a Cabin. They are a manufacturing company whipping up quick solutions for the food industry.


Our next guest was also helping us to keep nice and healthy too. If we’re talking superfoods, we must mention coconuts – luckily we had The Coconut Company to chat to. Vicky Henley introduces her products to us which have benefited massively from the surge in popularity.


The Pitta Patta of Ugly Drinks

April 13, 2017

Sue Nelson was MIA this week – we’re sure it was nothing to do with the wonderful weather that we’ve been enjoying this week. Thankfully we had Lucy Ellis to jump into the hotseat to join Guy Routledge.

With the nice weather in mind, you may well have been enjoying a few evenings having a couple of beers, but what’s your beer snack of choice? If it’s not Soffle’s Pitta Chips, then perhaps it should be. Sophie Harvey explained to us how the tasty snacks have taken off through visiting festivals and brewery tours – Lucy and Guy can testify to their great taste.

Lucy has been busy this week, not only has she been presenting the show, she also caught up with Simon Cannell from the Baker’s Bicycle. Together with Brady Last, they tasted some fantastic and fresh bread and puddings from a company cycling in the right direction.

Next up, we had an Ugly guy called Joe Benn. Don’t worry, we aren’t being mean to him and it’s no reflection on his appearance. Ugly Drinks are also hitting their busiest time of year with the mercury rising – they are developing completely unsweet flavoured water. Put that flavoured Volvic rubbish down.



Are you using your noodle?

April 7, 2017

We don’t want you to listen to the FoodTalk Podcast (just yet) if you’re in the industry. First, we want you to head over to and enter if you fit in one of the categories. Entries close at midnight on Friday (7th April). Okay, do it now…

Welcome back. After filling out your application form, you deserve a fabulous hour of FoodTalk – Sue Nelson and Guy Routledge didn’t disappoint with the guests we had on.

First up, we had noodles in a pot, but Pot Noodles were a million miles away from the studio. We welcomed Damien Lee from Mr Lee’s Noodles, they are serving healthy (yes) and tasty (double yes) instant noodles. What are the chances of that? There’s a fantastic personal story behind the birth of the company too, so make sure you listen.

From healthy noodles to healthy drinks, we met some great companies at the IFE Show recently and one of those was Barracudos. Fahad Younas gave us the lowdown on his energising protein water.

Having heard from an exhibitor at a food show, it was fitting that we spoke to Maragarete Baltay from William Reade. The company helps organise exhibitions and is behind some fantastic publications like ‘The Grocer’ & ‘Meat Trades Journal’. She gave us a great insight into the food industry from an angle we don’t often see.


Fix your Biology with Pudology

March 31, 2017

Entries for The FoodTalk Awards are still open, so if you’re a UK company at the forefront of innovation in taste, packaging, writing or food tech – why not apply while you catch up on this week’s show with Sue Nelson and Guy Routledge.

First up, we got techy with it. David Booth from Tech City Ventures was on hand to give us some fabulous tips for businesses in the food industry… everything from branding to investment, you’d be mad to miss it.

From the world of tech, we explored a world that’s a million miles from computers – the English Channel. Yes, you may get big fishing companies using their sonar radars in some parts of the world, but Barry from Hollowshore Fisheries explained how the family business keep it simple when they’re catching Oysters.

After all that talking, it was time for pudding. Handily, we had Lucy Wager from Pudology as our last guest. They’re a bit special in the world of those on dairy-free and gluten-free diets – we found out exactly why after a quick taste. Find out for yourself.