Scaling up your snack business

December 15, 2017

Tony Goodman talks 10 Acre, while Dan Pawson introduces Sea Chips and Mirela Sula champions women in the food industry


Food Matters Live 2017 part 2

December 8, 2017

Over the course of the next hour, you’ll hear from Bingham & Jones, Motion Nutrition, Simply Ice Cream, Skinny Brands and Cricke.


We just knew that one hour of Food Matters Live highlights show wouldn’t be enough. There were so many fantastic companies at London Excel, so we’re back with the best of our second day of interviews.

 Sue Nelson and Guy Routledge had quite the mixed bag once again. Among other things, they ate crickets, and ice cream  washed down with some low-calorie lager. Amazing.

 Enjoy this second special. We’ll be back to normal next week with plenty of fantastic guests.


Food Matters Live 2017 special

December 1, 2017

Check out the highlights from our first day at Food Matters Live 2017


As Christmas trees start springing up across the country – we’ve got a special show to get you in the festive mood.

An early Christmas gift for them…rather than a couple of guests, Sue Nelson & Guy Routledge had two whole days of interviews at the Food Matters Live event at Excel recently.

This will be the first of our two special shows. In this episode, we present our highlights from the first day of interviewing.

Over the next hour, you’ll hear everything from a revolutionary water brand to a sugar-fighting hero. Enjoy.



Getting saucy with biscotti

November 24, 2017

Jim Fennell talks us through his Salubrious Sauces and Paul Rostand introduces some exciting biscotti


If you’re an English Cricket fan, you’re probably reading this through bleary and tired eyes. Which bright spark let Australia host the Ashes? Anyway, we’ve got something to go along with your coffee today.

We aren’t sure whether Sue Nelson or Guy Routledge are cricket fans, but we’ll have a root around before next week.

Controversially, we’ll start with our second guest fist. Why? It’s all to do with coffee. If you’re looking for something to dunk – look no further than Paul Rostand and his Great British Biscotti. They have all sorts of flavours to put a crunch into your day.

Back to our first guest and he’s got a real treat for you too. A lovely aroma was filling the studio. Imagine a dreamy sauce to go with your full English, a combo sauce to improve your Sunday Roast and a curry sauce to put on your cod and chips. Jim Fennell has it sorted with the Salubrious Sauce Co.



Jim Jamming your way to success

November 17, 2017

Kevin Bath from Jim Jams is joined by Simon Fordham and Food Innovation Solutions' Mike Faers


While some z-list celebrities, cash-light notable people, and Amir Khan head to an Australian jungle to eat crocodile testicles and Kangaroo anus for a couple of weeks, we are keeping our menus a bit classier. We had another fantastic podcast with great-tasting food for your enjoyment – much to the relief of Sue Nelson and Guy Routledge.

Our first guest needs little introduction – you’ve probably seen them all over the major UK supermarket shelves already – JimJams are going up against the big-boys with their chocolate spreads. Kevin Bath explains how he quit his job in London to create a product with 80% less sugar and 80% better taste than the market leaders. It might even be closer to 180% better…

Our next guest reckons Kevin has done everything that, as an business advisor, he would advise against, but succeeded against all the odds. Simon Fordham from Fordham Henderson is an expert in consultancy and had a few handy tips based on his vast experience in the food industry.

Finally, we heard from Mike Faers of Food Innovation Solutions. Imagine being given carte blanche to create menus, spaces and ideas for some of the biggest brands and restaurants in the country…yep, that’s their game


Going nuts about South America

November 10, 2017

Tom Spillane of Andean Sol talks chia and Hiromi Stone discusses Kinomi Nuts


In a week where the big department stores started to release their much-hyped Christmas adverts, we had another podcast which was perfect to get people excited for the weekend – with two products that you may not have discovered just yet.

Sue Nelson and Guy Routledge snuck away almost instantly from the studio, and seemed to be booking flight tickets for South America. That’ll be because they enjoyed learning all about the continent thanks to Tom Spillane at Andean Sol – they’ve recently made the decision to sell their chia seeds and Royal Quinoa to consumers rather than business. Find out all about the journey.

From quinoa to nuts (what a healthy show this week), we revisited one of our favourite guests from the past. We’ve heard from Hiromi Stone in the past, but it was good to have a proper catch-up and learn about Kinomi Nuts’ progress.

***Reminder – Entries for The FoodTalk Awards are open. The application doesn’t take too long, so what are you waiting for?***



FoodTalk hits the road

November 3, 2017

This week we were delighted to be invited to the home of Pinky Lilani & the wonderful sparkling wine estate of Squerryes 


Just like interest rates aren’t fixed, The FoodTalk Show isn’t restricted to just the four walls of our Euston Tower studio. Our presenters are frequent travellers and this week you get to hear what they get up to.

Sue Nelson met two fantastic individuals – both from different backgrounds and both with a different story to tell.

First up, in leafy Surrey, Sue arrived at the door of Pinky Lilani. She’s an author, motivational speaker, food expert, women’s advocate and even holds an OBE. This very influential individual gave us the lowdown of her journey in the food industry, which includes visits to Wimpy and interesting ploys to sell her cookbook.

From Surrey to the Garden of England, Sue then met Henry Warde. Henry is the man in charge of Squerryes – they have been making sparkling wine for over 300 years from their estate and are one of the success stories behind a resurgent wine scene in the UK. Sue was delighted to be given a tour of their vineyard and then escaped the windy conditions to have a nice tasting.

Guy Routledge of The Food Rush and Ollie Lloyd of Great British Chefs were both gutted to miss this one.


Chocolate & cheese perfection

October 27, 2017

Patricia Michelson from La Fromagerie and the 5D Chocolatiers hold an on-air tasting


If you were to poll the nation on their favourite foods we’re pretty sure that chocolate and cheese would both feature somewhere – probably quite highly – in the top 10. As a result, we were wonderfully lucky to have two businesses at the top of their trade in cheese and chocolate.

Guy Routledge from The Food Rush chose the right date to return from a lengthy holiday, while there was nowhere else that Sue Nelson would rather be. 

Now, if you’re a cheese fan, you need to visit La Fromagerie – Sue is a regular in the famous London shops and it’s easy to see why. Armed with an array of various heavenly treats, Patricia Michelson told us the story behind her success and how a skiing disaster started the journey.

So, from the very best of cheese around the world, we went for the most brilliant and bizarre chocolate that we’d ever tasted. 

We already knew about Russell Pullan and Albert Chau from Fifth Dimension Chocolates, but even they surprised us with their offerings in the studio this time. Sticking with a cheesy theme, we tasted their new Brie flavour, as well Banana & Cardamom and Blackcurrant & Pernot. These guys are crazy, brilliantly crazy.




Willie wonders for a happy tummy

October 19, 2017

Although we didn’t know it before going on-air, we celebrated International Gin & Tonic Day (the best day, ever) with a show full of amazing goodies. Sue Nelson and Ollie Lloyd love this job.

First up, we had one of our favourite chocolate producers. If you saw his Channel 4 documentary on his story, you will have seen that Willie Harcourt-Cooze knows his chocolate inside out. This is demonstrated perfectly through his Willie’s Cacao range. Great stuff.

The chocolate put us in a bit of a cocoa coma, but luckily, we had a shot of energy from one of the companies that we interviewed at the Speciality Show. Mina Price has developed a hugely uplifting Naturshot which is definitely worth trying.

Our last guest is on a mission to rid the world of IBS. Karen O’Donoghue has created some marvellous Chia Teff Loaves which taste beautiful – the perfect treat for anyone but sespecially for those who suffer poor gut health.


Capsicana from Copacabana

October 13, 2017