CanO you believe 3D food printing?!

May 3, 2018

Josh White & Ariel Booker take us through the idea of CanO Water while Caitlin Richards introduces us the Magic Candy Factory's 3D Printing


We meet some great people in food every week…all of them chasing buyers, getting popular with their customers and growing their brand, however, not one of them has yet sung ‘we’re in the money’ after securing a merger to make themselves the biggest supermarket in the country – Sainsbury’s haven’t responded to our interview request.

Hi ho, it’s off to work we go and one part of our work is to fight the good fight against plastic waste. We’ve got another new weapon in this week’s podcast. 

Ariel Booker and Josh White are the founders behind CanO Water. A bit like Ronseal, this is exactly what it says on the tin – this is a can of water. Aside from just looking cooler, it’s made from aluminium which is so much better for recycling than plastic. Oh, and the founders think their re-sealable cans could be used as a dating tool too – listen in to find out why.

To be honest, our second guest had a sure-fire dating win for you too – if you could print your date’s selfie as a 3D sweet, you’re sorted. Plucky singletons probably aren’t the key demographic for Magic Candy Factory, but we were delighted to welcome Caitlin Richards on to the show. Armed with castles, David Beckham, a dragon and much more (in sweet form), we were dazzled by this one.



Food & Drink Expo 2018 - part 2

April 26, 2018

As with most expos that we visit, just one highlights show doesn’t seem to be enough – so we are delighted to present some more fantastic interviews from the Food & Drink Expo 2018.

Sue Nelson gives you the lowdown on her favourite companies from the second day of interviewing and, as always, we’ve got a mixed bag.

From tea and coffee to boozy fish and black pudding – you wouldn’t want all of that on your plate at one time but we find it makes for a great podcast.

We’ll be back with the normal show format next week.


Food & Drink Expo 2018 special

April 19, 2018
It has been marked in our diaries for quite some time now and, like a kid on Christmas morning, we were buzzing at the prospect of spending three days at the Food & Drink Expo.
As with all good foodie events that we attend – we now have a special show with all of our favourite interviews. This is the first of two and features the best of the many companies that we met on day one.
Over the course of the next hour, catch up with Eco For Life, Glacierfire, James White Drinks, Peakz, Chilled Packaging, Popcorn Shed and My Coffee Station.
As always, you can find out more about this week’s guests on our Food Heroes page.

Yo ho, a pirate’s life for us

April 12, 2018

Katherine Jenner joins us from Burning Barn Rum, while we also welcome the editor of Speciality Food, Holly Shackleton


If there’s a will, there’s a way…so if you really really want to believe that the weather is good enough for a barbeque, don’t let your stick-in-the-mud neighbour’s disapproving glances under and overcast sky shy you away from your fun. Just make sure you play FoodTalk loud and proud.

Fact of the day: We actually record these shows in advance from our studio on the 33rd floor of Euston Tower in Central London. This particular podcast caused a stir and left Sue, Guy and Ollie at odds with the sniggering producers – you’re about to find out why.

Rum…on a Monday morning! Unless you’re a Jack Sparrow wannabee sprawling around a Caribbean beach, this is not a usual partnership. This was amazing though. We were delighted to meet Katherine Jenner, who has founded the Burning Barn Rum brand. It looks like rum is ready to fightback against the gin revolution.

Again, in another potential scheduling issue, we’d had quite a bit of rum before we moved on to something very visual – the fantastic Speciality Food Magazine. Thankfully there were no beer goggles and we had a great chat with Holly Shackleton, editor of the hugely popular publication.


The beers and the bees

April 5, 2018
Andrew Morgan from The Bottle Shop joins us with Kath Austin of Bee Bee Wraps and Claire Forster of Oast to Host
We’re all back to work this week, but hey – the weather is getting warmer so that’s something to enjoy. In fact, you’ve got plenty of things to enjoy. You are reading this because it’s time to listen to the FoodTalk Podcast.
There’s enough good things going on that we can raise a glass to the sky. This week we’ll be filling that glass with beer. Andrew Morgan was this week’s first guest, he is the owner of The Bottle Shop – he has three premises which are showcasing the finest beer in the world. He even bought us some Cannabis-like-beer; looks like we’ll be getting the munchies.
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock recently, you’ll know that we are in the midst of a war against plastic – we have a brilliant weapon to unveil too. Kath Austin was our next guest and she has made a fantastic product called Bee Bee Wraps. It’s hands down our favourite plastic alternative.
Our last guest was already in our good books. Claire Forster entered Oast To Host into the FoodTalk Awards and impressed us sufficiently to be named as a finalist. She then compounded our love by bringing all of us in the studio, from other guests to sound engineer, a lovely tart made with their gluten-free pastry. Bribes never tasted so good!

Staying sharp with new food trends

March 29, 2018
Savernake Knives founder Philip Shaw is joined by Jamie Crummie of Too Good To Go and Paul Woodward of Green Cola
Happy Easter everybody. It’s time to celebrate your four-day weekend with a starter of chocolate, a main of roast dinner and a side of the FoodTalk podcast. As ever, we have a weird and wonderful variety of guests.
Kicking the show off, Sue was holding a knife – which is never a good sign. Thankfully, there was good reason. Philip Shaw was there to help demonstrate his amazing range of Savernake Knives. Incredibly, he knew nothing about knives when he started out but has learnt along the way how to become an expert.
Over the Easter break, there will probably be a lot of food waste, which is not good! We should all take a leaf from Jamie Crummie’s book (or app) and check out his Too Good To app. They have linked with hundreds of restaurants around the world to offer clients meals at cheap rates which would otherwise go on the bin. Perfect.
Finally, we needed a bit of a caffeine boost but not from those guys at Coca Cola – there’s a new kid on the block and it’s much healthier. Green Cola are one of our FoodTalk Awards finalists and it’s easy to taste why – they’ve done it all without any sugar either.
***Fancy tasting some Green Cola? You’d better head online to this link and bag a few tickets to the FoodTalk Awards****

Who are the FoodTalk Awards finalists?

March 22, 2018

We run through our FoodTalk Awards finalists but also chat Press Juices, vending with Vendease and baking at Bakehouse at 124.


In a week where a London cake baker made national news for being asked to do her job by a Royal couple, we are here to shout about the foodie news that really matters. An hour never seems to be enough for us these days.

To kick us off, we ate some food…obviously. Ollie Lloyd picked the wrong week to be MIA, because we rattled through the FoodTalk Awards finalists and had a bit of a sampling session to whet the appetite. It’ll get your taste buds tingling and, luckily enough, you can now buy tickets to the event on June 15th. You should probably get your skates on though.

It was then time to slap some wrists. Ed Foy picked the right week to be on-air with all of the delicious food in the studio, but unfortunately, he never entered his Press juices into the awards. There’s always next year though and these tasty drinks would be a strong contender for one of our gongs. 

From our London studio, we travelled back in time and visited the garden of England too. Sue was recently invited to the fabulous artisan bakery named ’Bakehouse at 124’ in Tonbridge. Owner Claire Barton fed her some pizzas and they talked all things baking. 

We ended the show with a new beginning. We’ve never talked about vending machines before, but Jonny Holmes was on-hand to tell us about the impending vending revolution, led by his company Vendease . Frozen or fresh, they have you covered.


Bread, jam, gin

March 15, 2018

Will Edge talks Greensand Ridge gin and Jason Gibb talks about Bread & Jam. 


All manner of exciting foodie things are coming soon. Tickets for the FoodTalk Awards are open as of today (buy them here), BBQ season is approaching and so are the food expos and festivals –  so let’s celebrate with some gin.

We may have enjoyed some gin on last week’s show too – but booze is one of those things that  it’s (almost) acceptable to binge on. Sue, Guy and Ollie weren’t complaining anyway. 

Will Edge was nominated to bring us the fantastic produce from the Greensand Ridge Distillery this time around. Most of our food founders have weird and wonderful routes into the industry; from banking to law but Will bucked the trend. He actually got a Masters’ Degree in distilling & brewing. We think he’s put it to good use.

We were then joined by somebody who has seen and done it all in the food industry. Jason Gibb is a Brand Manager for The Black Farmer, produces olive oil and also heads up the Bread & Jam Festival – the UK’s first food founders’ festival, which runs every year in London. What a busy bloke.

Make sure you don’t miss next week’s show when we profile our FoodTalk Awards finalists.


Gin, grappa and good advice

March 8, 2018

Cosmo Caddy gets our presenters tipsy with his Still on the Move & Claire Brumby talks us through her food consultancy business. 


After a week of scary cold weather, we are ready to kick-start spring in the best possible way. We’ve got lots of booze to give us that warm fuzzy feeling and some great discussion to go with it.

Our first guest seemed to be on a mission to get us stinking drunk, he succeeded too.

Cosmo Caddy has founded Still On The Move – he has a unique vehicle which can travel anywhere in the UK to create your very own bespoke gin, flavoured with your choice of a variety of spices and botanicals. He also creates his very own Dappa Grappa. You understand how we got so drunk now, right?

While we were swaying left and right, we needed something to sober us up. Thankfully we had Claire Brumby on the case – and we had plenty of her crisps to eat during the break. Claire founded Scrubby’s Crisps, but now focuses on her fantastic food consultancy.

She has experienced all of the highs and lows of the industry – so there’s plenty of tips and advice to be taken from this one.


Cooking for royalty & reading The Grocer

March 1, 2018
We met Emily Few Brown of Spook Catering, Stefan Cuomo from Macknades and Emma Wenbren, Food Trends Editor at The Grocer
This week has been snow joke…the white stuff has been falling and it’s caused disruption up and down the country. However, we are made of stronger stuff here at FoodTalk. Both our presenters and our guests fought their way through the blizzards to record this winter warmer for you.
Our first guest provided us with a topic that we don’t cover all too much on the FoodTalk Show – event catering. We’re not sure why we’ve not talked about it before; it’s such a huge consideration when it comes to weddings, parties and all things eventing.
To help us lose our catering virginity was Emily Few Brown who runs Spook Catering. Emily guides us through the intricacies and difficulties of cooking for large numbers (including royalty).
Our next guest is a bit of a hero of Sue’s. Stefano Cuomo has a rich family heritage in the food industry and has taken on the fantastic Macknades store in north Kent. If you love local, fresh and tasty food this is well worth a trip south of the city.
Bringing the show to a close, we indulged a little bit. The Grocer Magazine is essential reading for us, obviously, and we were delighted to chat with Emma Weinbren, their food trends editor.