Gourmade with love

July 12, 2018

This week we are joined by Jo Devenish, co-founder of Gourmade, who is revolutionising the frozen aisle


The UK heatwave seems to have finally tailed off slightly, and it’s all quite apt because we’ve got a product that’s cooler than a cucumber on The FoodTalk Show this week.

As sun kissed skin starts to peel across the land, we’re putting the BBQ back in the shed for now and we’re heading to the freezer because we have the fantastic Gourmade in the studio and co-founder Jo Devenish has bought Sue & Ollie a feast.

One staggering stat that we learned on this podcast is that over 50% of ready meals made in Europe are consumed in the UK – forget the rubbish supermarket editions though, it’s only quality ingredients from Gourmade and their brilliant dinners and desserts.

After all, with such an enthralling World Cup, who wants to be slaving over a hot stove?

****Once you have listened to this podcast, make sure you head over to Gourmade.com – where the first 50 listeners will receive 40% off their first order by using the promo code: FOODTALK – thanks so much to Jo for the generosity!***


The underground pantry

July 5, 2018

World Cup mania has firmly gripped the country and it has coincided with the big UK heatwave; what a good old time we’re having at the moment. Fancy making it even better? We’ve got another cracking FoodTalk podcast for you.

Sticking with the football theme; we’ve got Ollie Lloyd, CEO of Great British Chefs, back from a long lay-off to lead the line with the ever-present Sue Nelson. They tend to have a few fallings out, but they get the job done. 

Making their FoodTalk debut is Suzie Walker from The Primal Pantry. In a crowded market, these guys are really on their way to a snacking golden boot because they seem to pop-up whenever we need them across all the major supermarkets. Suzie tells us how she managed to kick it all off.

Our second guest is not a stranger to our squad, but this is the first-time that we’ve been able to scoop gold by getting him for a recording session in the studio. Steven Dring co-founded the amazing Growing Underground; they grow food right under your feet on the streets of London. Sounds bonkers, but is definitely brilliant.

With these fantastic guests; FoodTalk’s coming home.


The Bottle Shop special #4

June 28, 2018

For the final of our special podcasts with The Bottle Shop, we meet Jon Swain of Hackney Brewery and Rebecca Pate from Mason & Company

Another week, another heatwave. Whisper it quietly but this summer’s weather has been performing admirably. 

The crystal ball in our office is also doing pretty well too – it just so happens that we have one final special podcast lined up with The Bottle Shop’s Andrew Morgan on this sunny week. Completely on his turf this time, we’ve got wall-to-wall of beer.

Kicking us off is Rebecca Pate from Mason & Company. It’s fair to say that these guys just love the East London food & drink scene. What makes us say that? Just the fact that they run the Five Point Brewing Co, they are behind the amazing Capish food menu and they showcase it all from their Hackney Wick premises.

Having tried a few of the Five Points products, we decided to make this session a proper tasting session by adding Hackney Brewery to the mix. Founder Jon Swain brought a collection of his best beers to the party and, well, it all got a bit boozy.

It’s fair to say Andrew was in Sue’s good books for inviting along such fabulous guests.


The Bottle Shop special #3

June 21, 2018

Jo Hilditch from White Heron introduces us to the British Cassis that is gaining all sorts of plaudits from long and far. 

It’s coming home… 

Unless you’ve been stuck under rock somewhere over the last week or so, you will probably have noticed that the World Cup has begun and the boys in white and red will be bringing home the trophy. Probably.

Once we’ve ruled the world kicking around a bag of leather-protected air we’ll turn our attentions to the alcohol world – we’ve already made a pretty decent start at that one too.

For the third of our Bottle Shop special podcasts, we were delighted to meet Jo Hilditch from White Heron Drinks. They make the amazing blackcurrant-based British Cassis – it’s winning all sorts of awards and even rivalling the wine-mad French. See, we’re ruling the world.

They also have a claim to fame because of their link to a classic British drink. Listen to the podcast to find out more.


The Bottle Shop special #2

June 14, 2018

We take a look at the vegan alternative to milk with Viegan Life founder Devin Chohan 

For those of you who missed it in the news this week, Sainsbury’s have become the first supermarket in the UK to trial an initiative to put ‘fake meat’ vegan burgers next to their meaty cousins in the shopping aisles.

This seems like a good hook on which to hang the second of our special podcasts with The Bottle Shop and their founder Andrew Morgan. This will be the only episode of the four to not feature booze, because everybody needs a break once in a while.

Milk…everybody loves the white stuff, but not everybody is able to enjoy it – either through moral choice or health issues.

Many have tried and failed to come up with a vegan and IBS-friendly alternative, but we think we’ve found the man who has cracked it by using tigernuts. Devin Chohan is the classic foodie innovator and has launched a number of successful brands, and now he hopes that the Viegan brand will rule the world.

We put the milk through an extensive taste testing – find out how it got on by listening to this podcast and visiting their website too.



The Bottle Shop special #1

June 7, 2018

We are joined by Caps &Taps and Will Hawkes for the first of our specials with The Bottle Shop 

It’s officially summer! 

We’ve been treated to a pretty good spring, if truth be told, so let’s raise a glass to the sun and hope that it continues. 

What shall we fill that glass with though? Well, to help us make our minds up, we’ve recorded a collection of special podcasts with the fantastic Bottle Shop.

You may recognise Andrew Morgan from a previous episode earlier this year – this time he joins Sue in the presenting seat and has brought along a few friends.

If you happen to find yourself in the Kentish Town or Camden areas of London soon, you should probably make sure that you fire Caps and Taps into your Google Maps. It won’t take long. When you find it, you won’t regret it… as long as you don’t need any more than 400 beers to try at their craft beer shop. Stephanie Palgrave-Elliot talks us through the story.

Caps and Taps has an important seal of approval from our other podcast guest this week too. It’s the king of the beer writers, Will Hawkes (seriously… he once won beer writer of the year). We think Will has the best job in the world – he gets paid to drink and write about beer for publications like The Guardian, Washington Post, FT and Imbibe. Check him out.


Keelham Farm Shop special

June 4, 2018

We go behind closer doors at one of the UK’s leading farms, learning everything about auctions, butchery and baking

We’re really racking up the mileage here at FoodTalk – in the space of a couple of weeks we’ve been at the Food & Drink Expo in Birmingham, in Scotland for a special podcast, we visited London’s first winery last week and now we’re adding Yorkshire to thatlist.

Nestled in a leafy and rural area of North Yorkshire, just outside of Skipton, is the fantastic Keelham Farm Shop.

We spent a whole day looking at how farming should be done, from sewing seeds to the dinner plate. 

From chatting to the owner, Victoria Robertshaw, Sue got to experience all elements of the fantastic Farm Shop. We learn how to judge the price of cows at auction, the process behind the butchery and finally the end product from the bakery.  

This is farming and food supply how it should be. If this special episode doesn’t get you passionate about buying British, nothing will.

Find out more about Keelham Farm Shop by visiting their website.


Roberson Winery special

May 24, 2018

This week we have a wine special with Roberson Winery in London 

When you envisage a winery, you’re probably thinking about somewhere lovely in the south of France or maybe a nice little trip to South Africa. Even closer to home, maybe it’s somewhere tucked away in the Kent countryside… what about in the middle of London?

As summertime fast approaches, Sue took the opportunity to visit the team at Roberson Wine – not only the UK’s finest wine merchant, but also London’s first urban winery.

Crack open a bottle and head to the park.

We were delighted to chat with one of the Directors, Talya Roberson, who talked us through the story of the company and some of the trends that she has been seeing in the industry. We then caught up with Cliff Roberson, founder of the brand, who lends his view on the best wines around having spent most of his life on the grapevine.

You’ll never get a duff bottle if you speak to these experts – so we hope you enjoy this special episode.


Some wee Scottish specialities

May 17, 2018

It's time for a Scotland special on FoodTalk, featuring everything from Scotch Whisky to Oatmeal. Tuck in. 

Doing what we do here at FoodTalk, it tends to take us up and down the British Isles – but we’ve never really had the chance to delve into any specific country in great detail…until now.

When you think of Scotland, you think of the wonderful mountainous scenery and the vibrant and unique culture – but what about the food? There’s more to the country than just Haggis and Shortbread, just as we discovered in this special episode. 

With the help of the Scotland Food & Drink Organisation, we met some fantastic companies operating north of the border with some amazing tasting products. Rapeseed oil, cheese, smoked fish, Scotch whisky and oatmeal lay in wait over the course of the next hour.


Make sure your summer is special

May 9, 2018

Tom Tuke-Hastings introduces us to Borrago and Sanja Ilieva tells us about the Caffe di Artisan coffee

We hope you all enjoyed the recent wonderful Bank Holiday Weekend – wasn’t it just wonderful? Eyes are now set on the summer months – but there’s one thing to monitor more closely.

The FoodTalk Awards…

You need to be quick. The ticket deadline stands at midnight on May 31st – though we are expecting to sell-out before then. As if you needed reminding, your ticket price includes tasting of finalists’ products, a fancy three-course meal, lovely wine, cocktails and a DJ for the afterparty.

You’ll easily have enough time to purchase the tickets while you listen to this week’s fantastic podcast too.

We were delighted to meet Tom Tuke-Hastings – founder of the Borrago brand. Summer can be a tough time for the designated driver, but not anymore. Tom has created a lovely spirit with no nasties and no alcohol. Just make sure you have it with tonic!

And, if you needed perking up any further, we had an example of some real coffee innovation. Sanja Ilieva from Caffe di Artisan explained how their pods are bringing café style coffee to your cup in less than 60 seconds.