Love is in the air

February 14, 2019

As food and drink lovers, we couldn’t let Valentine’s Day pass without helping you create some lovely cocktails for a special evening. Whether it’s your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, dog or cat – this episode of the FoodTalk Show is best enjoyed over a candlelit dinner with that special person or thing in your life.

We're incredibly lucky to welcome Paul McFadyen to our studio. Paul is a master of cocktail mixing and a brand ambassador for Maison Ferrand – a producer of fine spirits.

Not only did he tell us a bit about the brand and educate us on alcohol, he also whipped up some amazing cocktails for our gracious presenting team. We know you can’t taste these through the airwaves, but just take our word for it, they're delicious.

Sue got a bit carried away and already feeling merry on the cocktails, was delighted to welcome the amazing Pippa Murray back on to The FoodTalk Show. You can’t have missed her Pip & Nut peanut butters in all of the major supermarkets, and here she tells her amazing story from museum worker to award winning entrepreneur.


Cook books - the good, the bad and the ugly

February 7, 2019

Ollie Lloyd has a new ritual of dancing along to the catchy FoodTalk theme tune as we begin our recording. It's just too much for Sue, who thinks it's the worst example of ‘dad dancing’ ever seen, but we’ll let him off because we’ve got another great episode.

This week we're discussing our favourite cookbooks. Ollie explains his favourites and despite some fabulous examples there really are some bad ones out there too. Holly has some that are really close to her heart and Sue has a couple that no one else has ever heard of.

The cookbook topic is one of the many tangents we head down when we record these shows, but the real star this week is Catherine Conway – thanks to her amazing Unpackaged company.

We're long-term haters of single-use plastic, but we also understand that, as a consumer and retailer, it’s difficult to avoid. Unpackaged are helping clients to become ‘zero waste stores’ and on a smaller scale can supply refill systems for supermarkets, delis and farm shops.

Will we be going back to the days of taking along our own tubs, jars and bottles to be filled at our nearest food shop? And if so, how are the retailers going to cope? Don't even mention health and safety.


Baby, it’s cold outside

January 31, 2019

We’ve done it again…January is just about out of the way so we can get back to eating sweet things now. Creamy ice cream and dark dark chocolate.

It’s absolutely freezing outside, snow has covered most of Scotland and so we should have invited somebody who makes stew, hot chocolate or something like that…but Coconuts Naturally are producing such damn good ice cream that we just had to invite Cecily Mills into the studio. We're fighting ice with more ice.

100% organic, 100% vegan…their reputation for creamy excellence is growing too. The South West made treats are already available in Ocado and expect to see more of them as the mercury starts to rise. 

From Ice Cream to chocolate (a warning to diabetics), our other guest is producing comfort food which is just as good. We admit it's not hot although it does give a warm glow.

Oli Shorts (another Oliver in the studio) came to visit us with his amazing Seed & Bean Chocolate. They don’t specialise in just one variety; white, mild, dark, pure cacao – they are producing brilliant chocolate bars across the board.

We hope you find this podcast as sweet as we do…


Masterchef winner cooks up a storm

January 24, 2019

Jane Devonshire, Masterchef winner joins Jamie Burrows of MiniCrops in the FoodTalk studio.

We didn’t check our calendars accordingly – it’s Burns Night tomorrow and we don’t have any Scottish specialities to enjoy on this episode. Before reading/listening any further, you’d best google some appropriate food.

It got us thinking though, what’s your favourite Scottish delicacy? Haggis, neeps and tatties, shortbread…whisky? They probably wouldn’t admit it, but we bet Sue, Ollie and Holly would secretly demolish a battered Mars bar.

So, we don’t have anything Scottish on this show, but we have plenty of Devonshire. Jane Devonshire to be precise. You will probably recognise the name if you’re a fan of BBC show Masterchef. She won the competition back in 2016.

You might think of Masterchef entrants as the types of people who have the application dates etched into their minds and wait by the phone for the producers to give them the green light. In fact, it was rather different for Jane, she described how her children did it all behind her back and only informed her at the last minute. Then, when producers did call, she’d forgotten all about it. Not the ideal preparation for winning, but she did it.

From TV show fame, Jane is now a champion of gluten-free cooking – something she's always done because of her son's health issues. Not only did she bring us her cookbook, she had been cooking at home for us and bought plenty of goodies made from the book. Blue Peter style. We like Jane.

We also like Jamie Burrows, but for different reasons. He's created Vertical Future. They produce MiniCrops, using agri-technology to reduce food miles and provide fresh, consistent, sustainable produce to households and restaurants. He's a food hero too.


The gold standard of food

January 17, 2019

Gordon Davidson from Morocco Gold joins Ross Forder of Halo Burger UK 

An apology…we know it’s getting to that point in January where those food and drink-related resolutions start to buckle under the pressure, and we didn’t help ‘Dry January’ participants with our boozy episode last week. We’re making amends this week though, particularly to those challenging themselves to Veganuary.

That’s right…whether it’s going fully vegan, partially vegan or just a simple pledge to cut down on meat consumption, we are offering a safe zone.

There’s not a drop of alcohol in-sight either, much to our presenting team’s displeasure.

There is, however, a drop of something quite wonderful though. Gold is something associated with being the best and Morocco Gold are certainly the best olive oil producers that we have ever come across; they even medalled in our FoodTalk Awards in 2018.

Gordon Davidson came to the studio to educate us all about the UK’s favourite cooking oil. Some of the learning was frightful, especially hearing about some of the cheaper brands you pick-up from the supermarkets. Looking for the best? It has to be Morocco Gold’s superior quality, single estate, extra virgin olive oil from olives grown and pressed in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Case closed. 

From North Africa, our next guest is producing something just as lovely but a little bit closer to home. Camden’s street-food offerings have paved the way for similar foodie hubs to thrive and Pop Brixton is now one of the most popular foodie destinations in the capital.

Out of the vibrantly-decorated former storage containers, some great food is being cooked-up – none better so than Ross Forder’s Halo Burger unit. They boast the accolade of being the “world’s first” fast-food burger joint dedicated to serving only the “bleeding” vegan Beyond Burger. We strongly urge you to visit.


Breaking the new year booze ban

January 9, 2019

Jane Peyton teaches us about the School of Booze and Mardi Roberts raises a glass to Ridgeview Wine Estate

How are those resolutions going?

Whether it’s eating healthier, exercising more, saving money, or committing to giving to charity – statistically its estimated that 80% of resolutions fail by the time you turn your calendar over to February. So, as we’re nearly at mid-January, we can safely say that around 40% of you have failed already.

A popular resolution for many is to partake in Dry January (just forget any drinks you had during Auld Lang Syne with Jools Holland), so it would be pretty mean of us to feature booze on this episode. Sorry folks, we’re going to be mean and please the 40%.

We’ve got not one, but two companies that specialise in varying types of booze for this episode. Sue, Ollie and Holly didn’t put up too much of a fight when they saw the schedule.

First up, we had the fantastic Jane Peyton with us. As far as drinking buddies go, she is pretty premium. Jane is an alcoholic drinks expert, broadcaster, pub expert, writer, public speaker, and founder of the School of Booze. The school is the education establishment that everybody wishes they spent six (or so) years at. Beer, cider, wine, sherry or champagne tasting sessions – there’s something to satisfy any tipple.

All good things come in pairs. Our other guest also knows more than a thing or two about alcohol production. Mardi Roberts has been with the fantastic Ridgeview Wine Estate for almost 20 years.

Ridgeview has been at the forefront of the recent evolution of English sparkling wine production. Based in the South Downs National Park, their wines are exported around the world and served at many prestigious occasions.

Cheers to the 40% - we’ll raise a glass to the 60% who can join us in a few weeks.


Foodies thinking forward

January 3, 2019

Asma Khan, founder of Darjeeling Express, joins us to discuss her story and foodie trends of 2019

Chocolate? Expiring Turkey trimmings? Cheese? Crisps? What’s filling up the bins outside your property as we head into a brand new year with bleary eyes and a sincere fear of going to work?

Don’t worry, we know that January is a horrible month and we want to make things a bit easier for you. Alas, we have the first FoodTalk podcast of 2019 here which is live and ready to be downloaded.

For this one, we are looking into our crystal ball and trying to gauge what foodie trends will sweep the nation in 2019. There are a few surprising shouts from Ollie Lloyd, our presenter with the crucial Great British Chefs stats, so make sure you note his comments and set an alarm for December to see if they come off.

It’s not that we didn’t value the views of our regular team of Sue, Ollie and Holly, but we did want some fresh perspective on it all too. So to help us we were delighted to welcome Asma Khan into the studio. As well as looking at predicted foodie trends, she told us her incredible story.

Due to feature in Netflix’s ‘Chefs Table’ soon, Asma is earning huge plaudits in the cooking world thanks to her amazing Asian cooking skills. If you’ve ever visited the hugely popular Darjeeling Express in Soho’s Kingly Court, you’ll know what we mean.

There’s so much more to Asma than her cooking though…click play on this episode to see how her roots make this story even more unlikely.



FoodTalk 2018 - the best bits

December 27, 2018

Well, well, well…what a year 2018 has been.

Brexit has gone bonkers, the Prime Minister is under the cosh, a couple got married and are now expecting a child, football nearly came home and we sizzled in summer as the mercury rose above the levels of Spain. Have we missed anything?

It has also been an incredibly yummy year too. We have had an awful amount of with The FoodTalk Show in partnership with Great British Chefs and, recently, the Speciality Magazine.

We met new and interesting guests every week and we are putting the cherry atop our year by presenting some of our favourite moments from the past 12 months.

Fatbergs, seaweed, cow auctions, sweetie horror stories, stinky cheese, and weedkilling…just some of the many things that standout. We hope you enjoy this special episode and be rest assured that we are working on some new and great material for 2019.

Like these snippets and want more? Below is a list of the guests in order of their appearance with links to their full interviews.


  1. Tessa Stuart
  2. Dr Seaweed
  3. Rubies in the Rubble
  4. Rootwave
  5. The Jealous Life
  6. Neil Nugent – Iceland Foods
  7. Hilltop Honey
  8. Growing Underground
  9. FOGcheck
  10. Feltham’s Farm
  11. Cawston Press
  12. Brewers Association
  13. Keelham Farm

The story of William Chase

December 20, 2018

Catch our interview with William Chase, the man behind Tyrrells and Chase Distillery

Fancy an early Christmas present? Go on then…don’t tell anybody – it’s probably bad luck if you believe all that stuff.

We’ve got a very special interview to get you in the Christmas spirit nice and early. One of the perks of the job for Sue is that she gets to travel around the country meeting some fabulous foodies who all have a great story to tell.

However, with that being said, the stories probably don’t come too much more interesting than William Chase’s. You will have heard of Tyrells crisps and you might have tasted something boozy from the Chase Distillery, but have you ever wondered how one person could build those brands?

Craziness, brilliance, hard-work? As Sue found out, it was a little bit of everything. She caught up with him at the fabulous Bread and Jam Festival for foodies recently. William was on-stage at the founders festival to receive a bit of a grilling from our presenter so we captured it for FoodTalk as it’s too good to miss. It’s an amazing story which encompasses the many lows and highs of the food industry.

Make sure you listen to this podcast, but you can also find out info on William here. Tickets are available for the Bread & Jam Festival in 2019; it’s a wonderful event that shouldn’t be missed, find more information here.


From Iceland with sweet treats

December 13, 2018

We chat with Imran Meza from The Jealous Life and Neil Nugent of Iceland Foods.

Can we just ban any talk of Brexit now? It’s really dampening the festive spirit – we want to see The Grinch, Elf or A Miracle on 34th Street splashed across our screens, not the dour and dreary crew who work in those grandeur buildings of Westminster. 

To be fair, it’s a topic that stirs up some anger from our presenters. However, with two weeks until the guy in the red suit comes along, Sue, Ollie and Holly have promised to rein it in. 

If they go on about it too much, there won’t be any sweeties in their stockings on December 25th. We kept a secret stash back from Imran Meza and his amazing Jealous Sweets.

This may surprise you to know, but the majority of big brand sweets are actually far from being vegan-friendly, which seems crazy but it’s all to do with the gelatine used. The Jealous Life are here to satisfy vegans with a sweet tooth now though. Their amazing tasting range is also free from a lot of traditional nasties and is generally just perfect!

As a kid, you’re always told not to have too many sweets before dinner as it will ruin your appetite. Luckily, we caught up with Neil Nugent of Iceland Foods before we raided the sweets.

Here’s a fun stat for you…Neil is thought to be responsible for feeding around 50% of the nation at one time or another. He is currently the head of product development at the frozen food specialists but has held similar roles with other major supermarkets in his career too.

The world of supermarket food is always a contentious topic with our presenting team and Neil fielded some tough questions but provided some fantastic responses which really help you understand the challenges that the big shops face.



Foodie adventures: from Cambridge to Japan

December 6, 2018

Andrew Chesters from Tazaki Foods and Ben Aveling of Radmore Farm Shops are today's guests

Honesty hour…the noise of cardboard being popped and cracked filled the living rooms of homes across the UK on Saturday to mark the start of the advent period but, hands-up, who has eaten a little more than their fair share of windows so far? Shame on you.

We do get it though. When you have something marked in your calendar for ages and ages, you just want it to happen already – how do you think we cope with patiently waiting for the FoodTalk podcast to be released every Thursday at 4pm?

It could be worse though, you could have an alcohol-filled calendar just like Sue, Ollie and Holly – they really know the feeling of being merry around the Christmas period, even if they claim it’s due to the excitement of this week’s guests.

Our starter has a distinctly Japanese feel to it. It’s a type of cuisine that continues to gain popularity in this country quicker than Usain Bolt on a 100m track – thanks in large part to companies like Tazaki Foods, who are making it more accessible to every day home cooks. They launched the Yutaka brand, which you’ll definitely recognise from the supermarket aisles – Andrew Chesters walks us through their story.  Sushi, anybody?

From one food that originates in Japan, our other guest is an advocate for food a little closer to home. Ben Aveling runs the fantastic Radmore Farm Shop. Their ethos is simple but brilliant; local produce, no mess, no fuss, great taste – happy food. Along with his wife, Ben runs a butchery and bakery – there’s something for everybody.

Enjoy this podcast while munching your way through the 20s of your calendar. You can always get a new one and they’re probably reduced too.


Getting to the root of good beer

November 29, 2018

Lotte Peplow joins us from the Brewing Association and Andrew Diprose talks us through RootWave

It’s party offices start spilling merrily (in more than once sense of the word) into the pubs and clubs, it also marks the point where there’s no turning back on the dieting front. You won’t be this skinny again until at least the end of January when that ‘new year, new me’ regime starts to take shape. 

We fully endorse the idea of listening to this podcast with a large glass, tab or bag of something rather yummy. Neither Sue, Ollie nor Holly need to be told twice.

To be fair, our first featured product is something that you definitely cannot consume. It’s actually an amazing bit of kit, and a perfect wildcard to kick off this week’s FoodTalk podcast.

Andrew Diprose is the CEO of the fantastic RootWave. It’s the leading solution to organically kill weeds without using chemicals; obviously a fantastic tool for farmers and gardeners alike. We could tell you more techy stuff, but you can check out their video to get a proper feel for it all.

Our second guest brings us something that is very easy to drink down…beer. We’ve met lots of UK beer companies in the past, but this time we’re learning about the state of beer from over the pond.

Lotte Peplow came to us to explain the role of the Brewers Association in the USA and how they help small and independent craft brewers at a time where the beer boom shows no sign of slowing. Bottoms up!


Jubelation & fighting allergies

November 22, 2018

This week we welcome Jesse Wilson of Jubel Beers and Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, an expert in sensitive eating

The last seven days have been completely dominated by Brexit…cabinet this, no-deal that. One imagines that being an MP at Westminster has probably never been more exciting, even if the rest of us are sick of hearing about it.

One of the rumours to come out of the whole saga is that we, the UK, could have a bit of a food crisis on our hands. Whichever side of the fence you sit though, you can only admire some of the homegrown delights that there are to enjoy. So, you know what, stuff your Brexit for one hour. We want to talk UK food. 

Sue Nelson, Ollie Lloyd and Holly Shackleton don’t need to be told twice. Our three-strong presenting team were delighted to get chatting with our two guests this week.

Our first guest is somebody who has her finger on the pulse in the world of food and food sensitivity in particular. Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, on the back of a dairy allergy diagnosis in the family, has written countless books and created 1000s of recipes for people with allergies. Most of her great work can be seen in her own online magazines, such as Foods Matter. Michelle also created the FreeFrom Awards.

Our other guest has enjoyed less time in the business but has had an amazing start and is already being stocked in the supermarkets. Jesse Wilson explained how he and his co-founder were sick of drinking the same old lagers on the market, so decided to take matters into their own hands

As a result, Jubel Beer was created. The brief…not to be like everything else on the market. Well they’ve certainly cracked that. Their two brews, Urban and Alpine, are brewed with elderflower and peach respectively – they taste amazing.

Crack open a cold one (or two) and forget about bloody Brexit!


Decisions, decisions, decisions

November 15, 2018

Dipna Anand from Dip In Brilliant joins us alongside Charlotte Downs of More Than Carrots 

Urgh, it’s unavoidable…Christmas. Decorations are in the stores, adverts are on the television and, if you scroll through your social media feed, you’ll see plenty of crazy people who have already done their shopping. People…it’s mid-November. 

Make the right decision.

That’s right, rather than spending your most recent payslip on presents for others, we’re advocating that you spend it on yourself and, specifically, on plenty of great food and drink. Thankfully this episode gives you some pointers.

This particular recording took place at the end of a busy day in the bustling capital. Therefore, it was a complete result that our guest, Dipna Anand, bought us some incredible treats from her restaurant, Dip In Brilliant.

Dipna is an award-winning chef who has graced our tv screens, so there are few better to talk us through some Punjabi cuisine. Just listening to this one will have you salivating.

While statistically the most-ordered curry in the UK is a Chicken Korma, there are plenty of amazing curries suitable for vegetarians up and down the country – it sets the scene nicely for our next guest.

Charlotte Downs was on-hand to introduce us to More Than Carrots. This platform has been created for pretty much anybody who is keen to cut down on meat consumption, be it through flexitarian(ism), vegetarianism or veganism. It allows users to easily scan through a whole host of popular local restaurants to see what the non-meat offering is like; whether you’ll have one mushroom risotto choice or a whole dedicated menu. Very handy indeed.

Now…back to the Christmas shopping.



Pressing play on juicy foodie chat

November 7, 2018

Steve Kearns from Cawston Press pays us a visit and we also chat with Kevin Srithevan, founder of Früt

There have been plenty of fireworks whizzing and popping around this week, and although Guy Fawkes night has passed, this podcast will have you doing cartwheels.

That’s right…it may now be dark when you leave the office in the evening but we still strive to lighten your lives with a bit of FoodTalk.

This week we’ve got a brand that you should all be quite familiar with. With the numbers of people who drink alcohol dropping, there is plenty of room for growth in the soft drinks industry. Cawston Press are definitely taking advantage.

Steve Kearns came to our studio to explain how the brand have managed to rise above their many competitors to install themselves as a regular fixture in our fridges and cupboards with their sparkling juices.

Also on the show this week is a company looking to help you this winter. As already discussed, it’s dark when you leave the office and it’s barely bright when you wake up in the mornings. The last thing you want to be doing in the evening is heading to a supermarket. 

Online grocery shopping is undergoing a huge boom at the moment and we heard from Kevin Srithevan, who is winning plaudits with his Früt company. Keep your eyes on these guys...delivering to a doorstep near you soon.


Giving food waste the cold shoulder

November 1, 2018

In a food waste special, Michael Minch-Dixon joins us from Snact and Miles Hawley explains the role of Precipice Design

Ollie is upset…he thinks people are lying to him.

We’ve all heard the shocking stat that 1/3 of all food produced for human consumption is thrown away but, ever the one to jump into the mind of foodies, Ollie’s Great British Chefs research shows that we aren’t all sticking our hands up and admitting responsibility.

Whether you are honest or not, there’s no denying that food waste is a massive problem. Our half hour podcast won’t give us enough time to fix it all, but we’re hearing from some companies that are trying their very best.

Michael Minch-Dixon is not a stranger to The FoodTalk Show. We heard about his fruit rescue snack bars back in our early days, he also won a FoodTalk Award earlier this year thanks to his compostable packaging. He’s here to give his thoughts on how the big-boy companies can cut their food waste stats.

Alongside Michael is Precipice Design’s Miles Hawley – the company have also been on with us in the past. Their design consultancy business is pointing them towards lots of fantastic and innovation companies who are designing systems to keep the waste down.


A brilliant breakfast bonanza

October 25, 2018

Breakfast heavyweights this week; we meet Liz Baker of Wilkins & Sons and Scott Davies from Hilltop Honey

As producers of this show, we often take pleasure in arranging our recording days so that our presenters are drinking some sort of strong alcohol early in the morning.

Maybe we’ve turned a new leaf now though, because we arranged a session which was quite breakfast themed…and this was recorded on a sunny London morning. Go us! 

It was good timing for Holly Shackleton, who joined for the first time as guest presenter. The Editor of the Speciality Magazine came to us on an empty stomach…shame on her.

You don’t need much introduction to our guests…Tiptree and Hilltop Honey are two brands which have cracked the supermarkets in UK and both are favourites of ours when it comes to a breakfast spread.

We were delighted to chat to Liz Baker from Wilkins & Sons – makers of the Tiptree brand. They know what they’re doing; they’ve been going since 1885, have survived two World Wars, a hurricane, and have even had a visit from The Queen. Like your jams and preserves…these guys are for you.

Next up, there was a buzz around the studio…who can guess what we were talking about? That’s right honey, we bee talking honey.

We had Scott Davies of Hilltop Honey come to the studio to explain how he turned from ‘normal’ jobs to be a beekeeper and the maker of some amazing honey products. We learned the difference between normal products and ‘Manuka Honey’ but there was one taster which had Sue running for the water…


Special deliveries

October 18, 2018

Santiago Navarro introduces us to the fantastic Garçon Wines

Special deliveries are the theme of our podcast this week.

One impending special delivery hit the headlines this week. You might have successfully avoided the Royal Wedding volume two (sequels are always rubbish – sorry Prince Andrew), but it wasn’t safe to pop your head above the parapet. Royal baby coverage is even harder to avoid.

That’s right, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been…busy…creating a new entry into the royal succession line. Cue seven months of incessant news bulletins and magazine inches. Listeners, please pass us the wine. 

In fact, why don’t you send us the wine? We love new innovations in the food & drink industry and creating a wine bottle that can fit through a letterbox is right up our street.

Founder, Santiago Navarro, is the inventor of full-size, flat wine bottles; innovative, slimline designs in 100% recycled PET. Remember the name of Garçon Wines – we absolutely love this idea.

Needless to say, Ollie and Sue were quite taken with this one. Ollie even bought some dodgy looking spirit in the studio to celebrate…we won’t be putting that in Santiago’s bottles anytime soon.

This week’s podcast is also available on YouTube – so check out the bottle for yourself by clicking here.



Takeaway Expo special

October 10, 2018

Catch all of our favourite interviews from the Takeaway Expo 2018 

Did somebody say Takeaway?

It’s only Thursday, but we’ve got the menu out one day early and we’re ready to enjoy a tasty special podcast from the Takeaway Expo.

With Ollie Lloyd busy (probably dining at London’s fanciest establishments as per usual), Sue Nelson took a trip to London’s Excel Arena to hear from some of the most interesting companies who are advancing the world of food.

Over the course of the next half hour, we can promise plenty of variety, a world’s first, something to make you wish it was still summer and something else that might just put you off food for the rest of your life (we’ll let you find out more by pressing play, but be thankful that smells don’t transfer through computers.)

We’ll drag Ollie away from his fine dining adventures to make sure that we are back to the usual format next week.



Thirsty Thursdays!

October 4, 2018

Oliver Bolton runs us through the brands that his Waterbomb company produce

It’s dark by dinnertime, it’s dark when the alarm goes off, Halloween seems more pointless every year and, yep, Christmas bits are popping up everywhere. Hunker down guys, we’re in for a long winter. We’ve been spoilt by summer which makes it so much more difficult.

Surely there’s a last hurrah though – we’re ready to push for it with some summery drinks.

Poor Sue though, she reckoned herself to be a rose between two thrones for this episode or, more accurately, a Sue between two Olivers. Please sir, we don’t want any more. 

Why so much Oliver though? Joining our presenter and GB Chefs CEO Ollie Lloyd was this week’s guest and drinks entrepreneur, Olly Bolton. His company, Waterbomb, are quenching the thirst of health conscious soft drinkers across the country with their products.

Their flagship brand, WhatAMelon Water, is sweeping the country and already has listings in M&S, Co-op, Sainsburys, Ocado, Waitrose and others. Not just keen to conquer the watermelon world though, they are also pushing Drink Fact – an all-natural, zero sugar sparkling water, and we were privileged to be given a taste test.