Takeaway Expo special

October 10, 2018

Catch all of our favourite interviews from the Takeaway Expo 2018 

Did somebody say Takeaway?

It’s only Thursday, but we’ve got the menu out one day early and we’re ready to enjoy a tasty special podcast from the Takeaway Expo.

With Ollie Lloyd busy (probably dining at London’s fanciest establishments as per usual), Sue Nelson took a trip to London’s Excel Arena to hear from some of the most interesting companies who are advancing the world of food.

Over the course of the next half hour, we can promise plenty of variety, a world’s first, something to make you wish it was still summer and something else that might just put you off food for the rest of your life (we’ll let you find out more by pressing play, but be thankful that smells don’t transfer through computers.)

We’ll drag Ollie away from his fine dining adventures to make sure that we are back to the usual format next week.



Thirsty Thursdays!

October 4, 2018

Oliver Bolton runs us through the brands that his Waterbomb company produce

It’s dark by dinnertime, it’s dark when the alarm goes off, Halloween seems more pointless every year and, yep, Christmas bits are popping up everywhere. Hunker down guys, we’re in for a long winter. We’ve been spoilt by summer which makes it so much more difficult.

Surely there’s a last hurrah though – we’re ready to push for it with some summery drinks.

Poor Sue though, she reckoned herself to be a rose between two thrones for this episode or, more accurately, a Sue between two Olivers. Please sir, we don’t want any more. 

Why so much Oliver though? Joining our presenter and GB Chefs CEO Ollie Lloyd was this week’s guest and drinks entrepreneur, Olly Bolton. His company, Waterbomb, are quenching the thirst of health conscious soft drinkers across the country with their products.

Their flagship brand, WhatAMelon Water, is sweeping the country and already has listings in M&S, Co-op, Sainsburys, Ocado, Waitrose and others. Not just keen to conquer the watermelon world though, they are also pushing Drink Fact – an all-natural, zero sugar sparkling water, and we were privileged to be given a taste test.



Seaweed & spice

September 27, 2018

Dr Seaweed talks us through Weed & Wonderful while Trusha Patel discuss The Spice Sanctuary

It all started with a story… the first few minutes of this podcast could easily be mistaken for an audiobook but, trust us, Sue’s true story about the French Soldiers in the Isle of Wight refusing to fight unless they’d had their garlic is relevant. Anyway, if the Brexit stories are to be believed, war and food could soon become commonplace!

Sue’s story is a pre-curser to our conversation with Dr Seaweed (seriously, he has a PhD in Marine Biology)… Dr Seaweed also goes by the name of Craig Rose. He’s come to the studio to tell us about his Weed & Wonderful brand. Their goal? They want to bring premium Scottish Seaweed to plates across the country. 

You’re probably thinking about crispy seaweed that you get from a Chinese takeaway at this point, but this is different (and better). While we aren’t ready to stomach a full plate of seaweed just yet, Craig explains how their healthy seaweed oil and capsules are gaining popularity in this country. Most importantly, it passes Sue’s taste test. 

From oil to spices (this is a bit of a pantry special) – did you know that there used to be wars over spices? Now the average foodie has up to 40 in their cupboard alone. Alas, we were delighted to finally chat to Trusha Patel. We first came across Spice Sanctuary over a year ago for our inaugural FoodTalk Awards – their spicy milk blends were certainly a new sensation for our palate, but certainly something that we think will take off. 

***Video won’t kill the radio star – however, we are delighted to say that this episode is also available on YouTube. Have a nose around the studio and see Sue & Ollie trying some seaweed and spices here.***


Wok a way to live

September 19, 2018

We welcome James Law from Longflint Drinks & meet Jeremy Pang who discusses his career and The School of Wok.

It’s that super busy time of year for the food industry – the school holidays have ended and the trade exhibitions are coming thick and fast. We wouldn’t have it any other way though. 

After spending the last fortnight enjoying the action from the Speciality & Fine Food Fair, we are back in the comfort of our London studio and revert to our usual format and, oh what a shame, we’ve got some booze for Sue and Ollie to enjoy. We recorded this one on a rainy morning too…work calls.

To get Sue and Ollie off to a bit of a flier we welcomed one of our FoodTalk Awards winners. Now, full disclosure, we’d committed the crime of having never heard of Longflint Drinks before we did the awards but gosh we know them now (now you see why we do the awards) – they are creating the most amazing craft spirits and their Hibiscus & Gin Tonic won our Gold Award. James Law talks us through the story of how he went from beer to spirits… oh and he bought us lots of drinks to try. We like James. 

We probably should have lined our stomachs beforehand, but we did what our parents told us not to do and had food after alcohol. It was pretty damn good food though. 

You might have seen Jeremy Pang on your television screens as the Asian cooking expert on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch show, but we had him in our radio studio to give his full thoughts on the state of Asian cooking in the UK and told us how he managed to grow his School of Wok. 


Speciality & Fine Food 2018 (part two)

September 12, 2018

On the menu this week is Natural Umber, The Wasabi Company, Fierce Botanics and Noveltea

All good things must come to an end eventually, and it’s time for us to finish our coverage of the Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2018. As ever, we had a fantastic time perusing the 500+ stands & exhibitors, each with a story to tell and, more often than not, something tasty to get down our necks.

The silver lining? It means we’ve got the second instalment of our special podcast to give to you.

Wasabi, tea, tonic and vinegar…not usually a foursome to try in the space of half hour, but that’s what we’ve got.

Natural Umber have won awards for their cider vinegar, so we find out what the fuss is all about. The Wasabi Company then show us exactly what real wasabi tastes like. We needed some tonic to temper the heat of wasabi, and Fierce Botanicals were on hand to refresh our palates. Finally, Noveltea showed us exactly why they are novel tea.

We hope you enjoy this episode, but don’t forget our normal format returns next week where Ollie from Great British Chefs joins Sue to sample the latest in UK food innovation.



Speciality & Fine Food 2018 (part one)

September 6, 2018

On our first Speciality Show special we meet La Tua Pasta, O'Donnell Moonshine, La Mare Wine Estate, Dadima's and Fentimans.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…no, don’t worry, we aren’t joining the ridiculous Christmas hype like some of the supermarkets just yet. In fact, the Speciality & Fine Food Fair is the best date to watch out for in our diaries.

We undertook our annual pilgrimage to Olympia, hoping to meet some weird & wonderful foodie producers for the first time. We weren’t disappointed, we never are.

There’s a bit of an unintentional worldwide angle to the first of our special podcasts from the event. Italian, America, India, the Channel Islands (and England too) – we’ve got a flavour of everywhere.

We start by doing some serious carb-loading with the great guys of La Tua Pasta. We then take a journey back in time and, great scot, we’ve landed in prohibition times with O’Donnell Moonshine. Closer to home, Le Mare Estate follow by giving us a taste of Jersey. Before we finish off in the UK with a taste test of the Fentiman’s range, we find out what makes Dadima’s Indian-style cooking quite so special.

Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty more companies to talk to tomorrow in the second of our Speciality Show podcasts. 


Wonders in the waste

August 23, 2018

We are delighted to welcome Joanna Vierod of Rubies in the Rubble & Karen Cunningham from Generation Juices. 

It’s that time of year again. Nope, we aren’t talking about the nights starting to noticeably draw-in (they are though). Nope, we aren’t talking about the football season being back either. We’re talking about the foodie television show of the year – Great British Bake Off have announced their contestant line-up…

Weeks of soggy bottoms, inedible dough, over-proving and under-baking lie in wait. Of course, none of those issues would ever effect cooking experts like Sue or Ollie. This podcast is also their break from the kitchen though – fantastic guests bring fantastic products straight to the studio. It was no different this week either. 

If you’ve never heard of Rubies in the Rubble, what on earth have you been doing for the last couple of years? Unless you have the blinkers on, you may have noticed that we have a bit of a food waste crisis. We hear a lot of talk, but Rubies are doing a lot of action. It’s tasty action too.

While they’d have a job to save the 7.2 million tonnes of food and drink thrown away each year – they are able to get their hands on plenty of fruit and vegetables and are then able to turn them into the most amazing products. Joanna Vierod came to the studio to discuss the Banana Ketchup which scooped gold at the FoodTalk Awards – but there’s so much more, and we really need to try their Blueberry BBQ sauce too. 

From great food, we then visited some innovation in the drinks world too. The consumption of juices and smoothies are on the rise in this country, it must be because we’re all getting nice and healthy. Karen Cunningham joined us on the microphone to discuss some of the fantastic technology behind the Generation Juice machines which are suppling all different kinds of industries.

***Don’t forget that The FoodTalk Show is now on Spotify. If you’re too busy to listen now – give us a play on that platform later***


Never stop being cheesy

August 16, 2018

Penny Nagle introduces Feltham Farm's Renegade Monk Cheese and Damien Lee talks about Mr Lee's Noodles' new innoavtion 

It has been quite difficult to focus on all of our work this week – everybody at FoodTalk HQ has been arguing an age-old debate: When it comes to Afternoon Tea, are you Devonian (cream then jam) or Cornish (jam then cream)?

There’s no right or wrong answer (apart from the fact that Devonian is the right answer), and we think we should all just enjoy our cream-first scones in any cream-first way that we cream-first want. We aren’t sure on Sue or Ollie’s preferences, and we didn’t ask, because they had something a bit stronger on their plates for this podcast. 

Cheese… it’s one of those foods that you just couldn’t be without (unless you’re Cornish and you probably hate it because you’re wrong about everything food-related). However, we aren’t sure that the cleaners of our studio were altogether impressed at the end of this session.

We were delighted to welcome Penny Nagle of Feltham’s Farm. Penny already knows Ollie through their involvement in Great British Chefs’ Cheese Awards – so we knew that their Renegade’s Monk would be good. Boy, we weren’t disappointed and it certainly packed a punch. 

What about noodles? Do noodles go with cheese? Like cream and jam (note the cream-first), they probably do – so we were delighted to welcome Damien Lee back on to the show.

This isn’t the first time that Damien has graced our microphones… he’s a bit of a pro by now. We’ve caught up with him in the past to hear all about his Mr Lee’s Noodles brand. You’ve probably seen the totally healthy and super tasty products in many places by now – but there’s a new award-winning tool in his sales arsenal, and we wanted to find out more.

If you are lucky enough to be at one of the locations that host a Mr Lee’s kiosk – you’ll know what we mean. Their kiosk is available 24/7, fully customisable (choice of sauces and oils) and is completely cashless – our foodie experts were so impressed with the bespoke machine that they were gave it gold at the FoodTalk Awards in the kitchen tech category.

We hope you enjoy this episode, but if you are running low on memory on your phone or don’t have the opportunity to listen right away, we are now on Spotify!!! Simply search ‘The FoodTalk Show’ to listen to our whole back catalogue – there are literally hundreds of FoodTalk hours to enjoy.



It’s all in the name

August 9, 2018

No clues need, we have Real Good Ketchup and some Cool Cold Brew

The school holidays are in full swing; parents of the world – we salute you (not least because the roads are quieter and it’s quicker to get home). Those of us without offspring will stand there with empathetic nods towards parents who try desperately to fill the six-week period with activities that entertain and control. 

For your hard work, we have another fantastic podcast for you. There’s no tantrums or paddies from Sue or Ollie this week – that’ll be because we have food and drink in the studio (nope, not raisin packets or rusk biscuits).

Now, this is actually a handy bit of knowledge for parents; did you know that (according to this article) a serving of Heinz Tomato Ketchup contains as much sugar as a standard chocolate chip cookie? Scary thoughts, especially during BBQ season when little hands creep towards the big red bottle. However, it’s time to rejoice, this year’s FoodTalk Awards helped us to unearth the solution.

Easily deserving of their gold award, Elizabeth Jones introduced us to Real Good Ketchup. It contains 78% less salt and no sugar at all. The most impressive thing though? It tastes exactly like the real deal. Superb stuff.

Another thing that comes with having kids is the tiredness. They wake up early and demand to be fed and watered, they don’t even lay-in at the weekend – it sounds exhausting. The tiredness issue is exasperated by this heatwave – it’s not so nice to drink hot coffee when it’s what feels like 300 degrees outside. Yet again though, we’ve discovered a fix. We’re putting out fires all over the place!

This time it’s the handy-work of Joe Devereux-Kelly that needs to be admired. He has created the lovely Cool Cold Brew – the clue’s in the name; it’s perfectly chilled and perfect for the summer. Make sure you learn all about the cold brewing techniques that have created the tasty range of cold coffees.


Getting on the right path

August 2, 2018

Tom Mansel leads us down the LeanPath and Tarryn Gore introduces us to Kafoodle 

We shared an article on our social media pages earlier this week which revealed that one in five people would disapprove of somebody dunking a biscuit in a cuppa tea while at work…well, if that’s the case, you won’t want to employ anybody from our office. Dunkers and proud. Looks like we’d better just crack on and introduce this week’s podcast.

Builder’s tea on the table and choccy digestive in hand, Sue is ready to get stuck into some key issues affecting the industry – menu management and food allergies. We aren't sure what Ollie's preferences are when it comes to biscuits. 

First up, we explore a company that went deep into the FoodTalk Awards. A bit like England at the World Cup – heroic. Tarryn Gore introduced Kafoodle to us; they have developed revolutionary software for businesses in the food industry to improve menu management whilst simultaneously boosting revenue and improving profitability. 

Our other guest is doing something, also B2B, that we can all get behind. Tom Mansel is tackling food waste with LeanPath. Their software is allowing food businesses to keep a proper eye on their processes to ensure that they don’t contribute to the unbelievably shocking statistics that shame us all.

There’s no food to taste this week, but enjoy dunking that biscuit while you listen in.