Gin, grappa and good advice

March 8, 2018

Cosmo Caddy gets our presenters tipsy with his Still on the Move & Claire Brumby talks us through her food consultancy business. 


After a week of scary cold weather, we are ready to kick-start spring in the best possible way. We’ve got lots of booze to give us that warm fuzzy feeling and some great discussion to go with it.

Our first guest seemed to be on a mission to get us stinking drunk, he succeeded too.

Cosmo Caddy has founded Still On The Move – he has a unique vehicle which can travel anywhere in the UK to create your very own bespoke gin, flavoured with your choice of a variety of spices and botanicals. He also creates his very own Dappa Grappa. You understand how we got so drunk now, right?

While we were swaying left and right, we needed something to sober us up. Thankfully we had Claire Brumby on the case – and we had plenty of her crisps to eat during the break. Claire founded Scrubby’s Crisps, but now focuses on her fantastic food consultancy.

She has experienced all of the highs and lows of the industry – so there’s plenty of tips and advice to be taken from this one.


Cooking for royalty & reading The Grocer

March 1, 2018
We met Emily Few Brown of Spook Catering, Stefan Cuomo from Macknades and Emma Wenbren, Food Trends Editor at The Grocer
This week has been snow joke…the white stuff has been falling and it’s caused disruption up and down the country. However, we are made of stronger stuff here at FoodTalk. Both our presenters and our guests fought their way through the blizzards to record this winter warmer for you.
Our first guest provided us with a topic that we don’t cover all too much on the FoodTalk Show – event catering. We’re not sure why we’ve not talked about it before; it’s such a huge consideration when it comes to weddings, parties and all things eventing.
To help us lose our catering virginity was Emily Few Brown who runs Spook Catering. Emily guides us through the intricacies and difficulties of cooking for large numbers (including royalty).
Our next guest is a bit of a hero of Sue’s. Stefano Cuomo has a rich family heritage in the food industry and has taken on the fantastic Macknades store in north Kent. If you love local, fresh and tasty food this is well worth a trip south of the city.
Bringing the show to a close, we indulged a little bit. The Grocer Magazine is essential reading for us, obviously, and we were delighted to chat with Emma Weinbren, their food trends editor.

Great British Chefs Research 2018: Part 2

February 22, 2018

Tom & Jerry, Venus & Serena, Steak & Chips, Food & Talk – don’t you see? All the best things come in twos! That’s exactly why we couldn’t let there be just one special show focused around The Great British Chefs’ brilliant research.

Last week’s podcast only just scratched the surface on some of the fascinating insight into themind and life of a UK foodie – so this week we’ve got some more for you.

We also welcomed another FoodTalk favourite onto the show, following Carolyn Steel's return last week. Julie Jenson Bennett is something of a futurist in the food industry and helped us to understand some of the facts and figures and what they might mean for the future of food. 

One interesting discussion point was the use of tech equipment in cooking – something which Sue had prepared in advance for by bringing the fruits of her recent Sous Vide labours to the studio.

Reminder: We gave you an extension on the FoodTalk Awards entries – the final close date is tomorrow (23rd February) at midnight.


Great British Chefs research 2018

February 15, 2018

Ollie Lloyd presents the Great British Chefs' 2018 research with help from Carolyn Steel. 



Question: How many of you will love hearing this special FoodTalk podcast with research conducted by Great British Chefs?
Answer: 97% of you (the other 3% accounts for all of the people who don’t know a good podcast when it hits them).
We first met presenter Ollie Lloyd, CEO of the platform, around this time last year when their 2017 documents were released and we’ve marked the research’s return with two special shows.
In this first part, we are joined by Hungry Cities Author, TED Talk speaker and now FoodTalk favourite, Carolyn Steel.
How many people think Government should intervene in food safety matters? How many people are cooking Spanish food? How many people never chop vegetables (yep, that’s right, NEVER). You’ll find all the answers in this fascinating podcast.

Designated driver delights

February 8, 2018

Becky Kean, co-founder of Nirvana Brewery, is joined by Alastair Jessel - founder of Taywell Ice Cream and advocate of food hubs. 

The famous Big Mac turned 50 this week but please, do us a favour, shun that rubbish and turn your attention to our tasty podcast instead. We can be your guilty pleasure instead.

We kicked this week off by revisiting a subject that causes a bit of a stir between Sue, Guy and Ollie – why can nobody develop an alcohol-free beer that doesn’t taste like something that could pass for artificially-flavoured water?

It just so seems that we might have found the answer with Nirvana Brewery. We welcomed Becky Kean into the studio, she is one of the founders of the non-alcoholic brewery – the first of its kind in this country. Becky was armed with a range of alluring bottles – including Karma, Sutra and Tantric. Saucy.

They say that beer before wine is fine, so we had no worries about moving on and listening to Sue’s interview with Peter Franz of Sensible Wines that was recorded recently ahead of the World of Wine awards.

Moving from beer to wine might be fine, but throw some ice cream into the mix and it could all go wrong. Luckily, we survived this time. Alastair Jessell once founded the well-known Taywell Ice Cream brand, but he now champions food and drink hubs. Fresh from setting one up in Kent, Alastair explains to our presenters what they are and why we need them.



Sous Vide sensations

February 1, 2018

We try out Sous Vide Tools, talk Heartier and get eco-friendly with The Planet Mark


The deadline day in football may have passed now, but there’s still a limited amount of time available to sign yourselves up to The FoodTalk Awards before the entries close on February 16th. Don’t dawdle anymore, apply now, apply here.

 On the awards night, you’ll be able to meet Sue, Guy and Ollie but, for now, you’ll have to be content with hearing them get stuck into some foodie chat.

First up, we are introduced to the brilliant Heartier platform thanks to founder Stefan Porter. ‘Get your meat here’ – that’s Sue’s advice. There are so many goodies to be found on ‘everyone’s local farmshop’ online.

So, once you have all of the Heartier goodies in your kitchen, how would you cook them all up? If the answer isn’t Sous Vide Tools then you’re wrong. Alex Shannon talks us through his fantastic (and seriously cool) instruments – from smoke guns to dehydrators, they have it all.

To end the show, we went eco-friendly. Our main offices have recently teamed up with The Planet Mark and we decided to invite founder Steve Malkin on to the show to discuss the project. We talk to so many companies about sustainability, so listen back to the podcast to find out how your business can do the same.


Currying favour around the world

January 25, 2018
Eating curry with Lajina Masala and future gazing with Julie Jenson Bennett. 
Days don’t tend to get much better than National Pie Day, which we all enjoyed on Tuesday, but we reckon we’ve topped it already with this show.
January has been cold, wet and miserable so far but we had some guests that put a smile on the faces of Sue Nelson, Guy Routledge and Ollie Lloyd.
First-up, we were delighted to meet Lajina Leal from Lajina Masala. She makes sauces that are to die-for. Our studio has never smelt quite this good before. Lajina experiments with all different kinds of spices and seems to have struck up the perfect formula for great tasting curry.
With bellies now full of fire, our presenters were primed and ready to get stuck into a chat with our next guest. Julie Jenson Bennett describes herself as a food futurist and sparked debate with our presenters over food trends that we can expect to see in 2018.
***TOP TIP*** If you own a business that produces innovative products like Lajina’s, you should be applying for this year’s FoodTalk Awards. It’s so simple to apply that you would easily finish your application in the time it takes to enjoy this podcast. Entries close on February 16th, so don’t miss out. All the info you need is here: 

Vegan delights and coconut creations

January 18, 2018

Rachel Hugh and Neil Potts introduce their Vurgers, while Jacob Thundil talks Cocofina.


The other day it was announced that the UK would be ridded of plastic packaging within 25 years, and this makes us excited for a few reasons…

1)    The whales from Blue Planet will be happy, yay.

2)    We’ve met some amazing companies in the past who have been leading this fight. Yay for them too.

Sian Sutherland of ‘A Plastic Planet’ is one of our anti-plastic friends – check back on her podcast here. Fresh from her plastic fight, she’ll be one of our judges for The FoodTalk Awards. Entries close on February 16th, so get your skates on – details here.

Anyway, back to the podcast, we’ve got another fantastic show for you…

A transport disaster prevented Sue Nelson, Guy Routledge and Ollie Lloyd from trying one of The Vurger Co’s vegan burgers but they’ll be making a visit to their Spitalfields stall soon to try one fresh and hot. Rachel Hugh and Neil Potts described the amazing story so far.

Our other guest may have a recognisable voice. Why? If you’ve watched Dragons Den, he’s been on there and if you listen to national radio, he’s had an advert on there too. Jacob Thundil is the man behind the voice and he introduced the Cocofina brand to us. Coconuts galore.



Collectiv foodie pleasures

January 11, 2018

Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi from CollectivFood joins to talk all things about foodie supply chains. 


In a week where Cauliflower Steaks have been the biggest headlines in the world of food, our presenters risked similar ridicule with a poor shot at a start of year quiz.

Sue Nelson pitted Guy Routledge and Ollie Lloyd against each other, with neither covering themselves in glory. Much homework needed for next time.

After that little venture failed, we decided to stick to what we know by getting stuck into some proper foodie chat. We were delighted to chat with Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi from CollectivFood.

They are a great team of chefs, restauranteurs, food producers and innovators with a big mission. Their aim is to improve on an the old-fashioned and inefficient and opaque exisiting supply chain and offer restaurants high quality ingredients at exceptional prices.


Getting brands on the dining Tabl

January 5, 2018
2018 is here and we are kicking it off in style. Last year will be difficult to match in terms of cracking content but we gladly accepted the challenge with a jam packed show to kick us off for 2018. 
There wasn’t a Turkey, chocolate or block of cheese in-sight for Sue Neslon and Guy Routledge and  Ollie Lloyd from Great British Chefs.
First up, we welcomed somebody who can help you with the January blues. Kimberly Hurd runs the brilliant Tabl website. It’s an online platform for foodies and industry experts to share recipes, showcase new products and much more. Nice stuff.
Another thing that we’re looking forward to in 2018 is the FoodTalk Awards. We held our first event back in June, but we’ll be going bigger and better this time. IFIS will be joining us on the night, and you’ll be able to discuss their work with them then, but in the meantime we were delighted to be joined by Marta Cesar and Joanna Becker who work on the firm’s valuable Escalex database which keeps foodies companies in the know when it comes to the all-important rules and regulations.
Last, but certainly not least, we had a chance to catch-up with Tessa Stuart properly. We’ve met the brand guru quite a few times before but, criminally, never had the pleasure of having her on the show! She tells us how she has helped some massive names to get prime placement along the supermarket aisles.