Speciality and Fine Food 2017 (part 2)

September 15, 2017

There were too many fantastic companies at the Speciality & Fine Food Show, so much so that one hour just didn’t cover it.

Alas, we’re back with another special episode which covers our highlights from the second day at Olympia. Variety is a key theme again, this time you’ll hear about everything from an anti-ageing Gin to a cheese & cracker flavoured chocolate. We may even be getting a letter from a Premier League footballer’s lawyer too. Fun times.

FoodTalk returns to its normal format next week, but for now enjoy this episode.


Speciality and Fine Food 2017

September 8, 2017

It had been in our diary for quite some time and we were like children at Christmas when the day finally came to set up our recording pod at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair. 

We had two fantastic days of interviews and the first of two hour-long specials are here for your enjoyment. Sue Nelson and Guy Routledge picked their highlights from day one at the show.

From oysters and eggs to Earl Grey ice lollies, we have quite the mixed bag for you to enjoy. Come back next week to hear more from the show.


Tea world is your oyster

September 1, 2017

The Great British Bake Off returned to our screens this week, albeit controversially. Sponsors, adverts, a new line-up. Yuk (we’ll all still be watching next week though).

 We don’t have to worry about that nonsense with The FoodTalk Show. Sue Nelson and Guy Routledge won’t be doing a Mary Berry on us anytime soon – they love the goodies too much. 

To kick us off we heard from Sophia Nadur. She is one of the few people to produce a Great Taste Award-winning green tea. The fantastic Tg Green Teas have found a perfect superfruit balance; they have a hot and cold range too.

From green tea to oysters (we love our mixed bags), Sue left the Big Smoke to head for the Kent coast and landed at Wheelers Oyster Bar in Whitstable. Here we heard her chat with Head Chef Mark Stubbs who is a bit of an oyster whizz.

Moving on… For the next fortnight, the show will have a slightly different format – we’ll have two hour-long Speciality and Fine Food Fair special episodes. Why? Well, it’s one of the most popular food trade expos in the country. In preparation, we heard from the Event Organisor Kara Bowen.



Getting zingy with it

August 25, 2017

To be honest, not a great deal happened in the world of food this week – so we had to make sure that our show was fiery enough to make up for it. It didn’t disappoint, don’t you worry.

In fact, it got so hot in our studio at one point that Sue Nelson had to leave – much to the amusement of Guy Routledge and Ollie Lloyd.

Who’s to blame? Probably Pritesh Mody. ‘The Spice Guru’, as he’s known on television for shows like Sunday Brunch, brought his flavoursome ‘World of Zing’ products along to the show for everyone to try. There was one that had just a little too much zing for Sue though. To cool the tongue, he brought along some special Negronis – all forgiven.

From spicy to sweet, we took some time to hear about another Sugarwise-accredited product that is helping us stay away from the harmful white stuff.

Back in the studio, we had some more fantastic goodies in front of us. These ones didn’t have a Zing, instead these were just winners. B-Tempted took gold in our free-from category at the FoodTalk Awards a few months ago. Sarah Hilleray told us how she turned her home cooking into an award-winning brand.


The Spotify of wine

August 18, 2017

While a walnut shortage whipped up a frenzy in the food industry, FoodTalk decided to hit the bottle. We like wine, so we intended to enjoy it.

Don’t worry though, neither Sue Nelson, Guy Routledge nor Ollie Lloyd have gone off the rails – we just had a full discussion with the ‘Spotify of wine’ Pulp Wine and their founder Paolo Zanelli.

They call themselves the wine club for people who don’t do wine clubs.
Pulp is the new way of discovering and learning about wine – their subscription service is allowing customers to sample a wide range of different wines and is telling them the stories behind the bottle.

In between our wine lovefests, we also heard from Ian Dorr from All Food Experts.

They are a global expert community transforming the agri-food industry through collaborative innovation and sharing value creation. We gained some valuable insight.

After all that talk of vino, it’s time to crack open a bottle yourself.


A dash of kitchen innovation

August 11, 2017

We had our full quota of presenters again this week, as Ollie Lloyd from Great British Chefs returned to the studio alongside Guy Routledge and Sue Nelson armed with stories about his tortoise, Flash. Yes, this happened.

We’d rather let you listen to the podcast than explain the link between Flash and water, but it worked nicely. Jack Scott and Alex Wright are the collective brainpower behind Dash Water – they explain how they turn wonky fruit into refreshing sparkling water.

From water with a dash of goodness to angels with a lot of cookies – Harry was recently at the Allergy & Freefrom Show and heard from Karen Capetta. Her company, Angels & Cookies, was proving so popular that they were running out of samples. 

Our first two guests had proved to be a big hit – so maybe they should consider applying for The FoodTalk Awards next year. Our last guest would have sold it to them. Ritam Gandhi from Studio Graphene told how they scoped the Gold Award in our Smart Kitchen category with their Hawk Safety technology. Make sure you press play and find out what won over our judges.


Sweet life for your little urchins

August 4, 2017

You either love it or hate it – it turns out holidaymakers in this country just cannot get enough of Marmite, with the revelation that copious amounts are being seized at airports every day. You’ll love our FoodTalk guests this week too.

Sue Nelson and Guy Routledge were delighted to welcome another of our fantastic FoodTalk Award winners into the studio first-up. Danny Kingston proved he really is as Fabulous as Fanny after scooping gold for his Food Urchin blog. Hear the stories of calamity and success, in equal measure, which provide the backdrop for his popular writing.

Danny is a bit of an experimenter when it comes to food and drink, so he would have been interested to hear about the work of the Autumn Brewing Co. We caught up with them at the Allergy Show to hear how they are brewing beer with rice and quinoa.

Our last guest is on a mission. Luke Fernandes is from Sugarwise, which is a certification scheme for sugar claims made by the food manufacturing and food service sectors, with retail and brand support. Get your unrotten teeth into this one.


Top of the chocs

July 28, 2017

The summer holidays are here, but don’t bother jetting off to foreign lands – we have a perfect FoodTalk podcast for you right here, right now. Sue Nelson and Guy Routledge have a couple of high-profile interviewees for your pleasure.

First up, we had a TV star on the radio – how ironic. Paul A Young is on our screens at the moment as part of a BBC series that is looking at the history of chocolate – Paul has developed a reputation as one of the best chocolatiers in the country, and he brought some of his products to the studio. Perfect. 

From amazing luxury chocolate to brilliant vegan treats. There were plenty of awesome companies at the Allergy & Freefrom Show and one of those was Miiro Ice Cream – we caught up with Rym who told us all about how they’ve spent years developing their product to prosper in a growing market.

Our last guest was part of the team that has turned Red Bull into the megabrand it is today. Their former Marketing Director Huib van Bockel has stuck with the energy drink industry but has stripped back all of the chemicals with his new brand, Tenzing.


Summertime specialities

July 20, 2017

We love summertime at FoodTalk – it’s always the best time for food and drink and we had a bit of a summer special this week. Sue Nelson and Guy Routledge were most impressed.

 Our first guest is certainly a fan of the summer – he’s just had a special edition of his drink on sale at Wimbledon; I bet the Dalston’s Cola’s Strawberryade was Roger Federer’s winning drink of choice. Most will know the company better for their fantastic hand-made all natural cola though – Duncan O’Brien tells us how he has gone from Orient Express Chef to cola king.

Summer is also food exhibition season, so we sent Harry to the Allergy & Freefrom Show recently and he returned with a demonstration of a fantastic new Granite pan. No oil needed at all, not even for Fried eggs. Crazy stuff.

To top it off, we had a bit of a celebration with one of our FoodTalk Award winners. Sarah Ward took home a Big Apple award for Boozy Udders – a quite brilliant alcoholic cocktail ice cream. Sarah was also refreshingly honest about how tough it can be in the food industry too – definitely worth a listen.


Banishing crisp cash

July 14, 2017

With Wimbledon proceedings approaching the business end, we made sure that we served up an ace for everyone to enjoy from Henman Hill to Timbuktu.

First up, there were no backhanded compliments from our presenters Sue Nelson, Guy Routledge and Ollie Lloyd when they tried Emily Fruit Crisps. The trio were blown away by the fantastic, innovative and perfectly presented products put in front of them by founder Emily Wong.

We like to keep ourselves busy at FoodTalk HQ, so we made sure that we didn’t miss out any of the action from last weekend’s Allergy & Freefrom Show at Olympia. You might know their bread already, but we heard how Genius are looking to take the Freefrom world by storm in other areas too.

Finally, we welcomed Oliver White from Preoday onto the show. If you hate cash, then these guys are right up your street. They are developing white label technology which you can use everywhere from restaurants to music festivals.