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A handful of bleeding vegan burger

July 19, 2018

Joe Taylor of Real Handful joins Simeon van der Molen of Moving Mountains Foods

Leave the fate of the geraniums to the gods, cry for the chrysanthemums and live in hope for the hydrangeas; there’s a hosepipe ban looming and your pottering time in the gardening will be greatly reduced. You need to find something to fill the void.

Don’t you worry, our first guest on the FoodTalk podcast this week can help you to complete an ironman. Not heard of one? Pretty simple really, it’s a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bicycle ride and a marathon 26.22-mile run…the gardening takes longer, probably.

Joe Taylor tells us how his penchant for physical activity powered him to creating the fantastic Real Handful range. Forget complex and counterproductive creations from their competitors, these guys keep it simple, good and proper. They taste amazing.

If, however, for some crazy reason, you aren’t up for an ironman, we do have another option to pass the time while the reservoirs fill-up. Just go out for a burger, sounds good, right? Of course, that’s not always an option if you happen to be a vegan, but we were delighted to welcome Simeon van der Molen on the show. He is the founder of Moving Mountains Food and they have created the first burger in the UK that is 100% plant-based and bleeds in the middle like a proper beef burger. It is creating a massive buzz and Simeon tells us the story.

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