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Collectiv foodie pleasures

January 11, 2018

Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi from CollectivFood joins to talk all things about foodie supply chains. 


In a week where Cauliflower Steaks have been the biggest headlines in the world of food, our presenters risked similar ridicule with a poor shot at a start of year quiz.

Sue Nelson pitted Guy Routledge and Ollie Lloyd against each other, with neither covering themselves in glory. Much homework needed for next time.

After that little venture failed, we decided to stick to what we know by getting stuck into some proper foodie chat. We were delighted to chat with Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi from CollectivFood.

They are a great team of chefs, restauranteurs, food producers and innovators with a big mission. Their aim is to improve on an the old-fashioned and inefficient and opaque exisiting supply chain and offer restaurants high quality ingredients at exceptional prices.

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