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Designated driver delights

February 8, 2018

Becky Kean, co-founder of Nirvana Brewery, is joined by Alastair Jessel - founder of Taywell Ice Cream and advocate of food hubs. 

The famous Big Mac turned 50 this week but please, do us a favour, shun that rubbish and turn your attention to our tasty podcast instead. We can be your guilty pleasure instead.

We kicked this week off by revisiting a subject that causes a bit of a stir between Sue, Guy and Ollie – why can nobody develop an alcohol-free beer that doesn’t taste like something that could pass for artificially-flavoured water?

It just so seems that we might have found the answer with Nirvana Brewery. We welcomed Becky Kean into the studio, she is one of the founders of the non-alcoholic brewery – the first of its kind in this country. Becky was armed with a range of alluring bottles – including Karma, Sutra and Tantric. Saucy.

They say that beer before wine is fine, so we had no worries about moving on and listening to Sue’s interview with Peter Franz of Sensible Wines that was recorded recently ahead of the World of Wine awards.

Moving from beer to wine might be fine, but throw some ice cream into the mix and it could all go wrong. Luckily, we survived this time. Alastair Jessell once founded the well-known Taywell Ice Cream brand, but he now champions food and drink hubs. Fresh from setting one up in Kent, Alastair explains to our presenters what they are and why we need them.


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