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Energising the food sharing revolution

January 13, 2017

Staying healthy and cutting down on waste are key issues in the food industry right now, so of course Sue Nelson and Paul Andrews are keen to discuss all on another topical FoodTalk Show.

First things first, do you loathe Lucozade, puke over Powerade or does Gatorade grate on you? The content of sugar in those products probably means you answer a resounding yes to those questions. Step forward Troy Linton and his all-natural Cocoshot health supplement powders. He’s giving you energy and keeping you healthy without all the nasties.

Moving on, 'tis the season for the sales. If you're heading to London this January, you’re bound to stop off in the staple of capital department store shopping, Selfridges. Listen to Adrian Boswell, a buyer at the store, explain what Selfridges are expecting to see in the food industry.

 Last of all, how many times have you been seduced by a gorgeous BOGOF deal? Lots of times, of course. The problem is that most of the time we don’t need that second freebie and it goes to waste. Saasha Celestial-One (the name is explained in the podcast) came to the studio to help us join the ‘Food Sharing Revolution’ with OLIO. There’s an app for that…

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