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Foraging For a Food Fix

October 6, 2017

As part of the nation geared up to get their chops around a new gut-busting KFC burger, Sue Nelson and Ollie Lloyd were far more excited with the guests in front of them in the new FoodTalk studio. 

With Guy Routledge on holiday, Sue and Ollie were quite relieved to find they had an extra portion of beetroot ketchup to try. How sly of them. Being sly is the nature of the game for a Foraging Fox though. Frankie Fox told us all about the story behind her award-winning products.

Taking a break from beetroot, we sampled another product which takes the taste buds by surprise. We heard back from Chirag Karia of Ninas Popcorn – this isn’t any old popcorn brand though…find out what we mean from our Speciality Show interview.

Having tried all of the food offerings in the studio, we were a bit full and decided to go technical instead. Vaiva Kalnikaitė is a bit of an expert when it comes to 3D food printing and her company Nu Food have created an amazing printer.

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