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September 29, 2017

That classic British conversation topic is back: “Aren’t those nights starting to draw in?” Don’t worry though, we had a show that made Sue Nelson and Guy Routledge excited about that cosy winter feeling.  

The first of our winter warmers arrived in the form of some fantastic soup, a soup that you will have heard of. John Stapleton was part of the team that founded the New Covent Garden Soup Company and he turned it into the household name that it is today. He’s now turning his hand to baby food too. Listen back to piece the jigsaw together.

From one product to keep you warm, we had another to keep you sane. The Speciality and Fine Food Fair was full to the brim of fantastic chocolate producers and we spoke to Adam’s Raw Chocolates who made us grin.

Laziness is another core element of the winter vibe. Steven May is part of the team at Smarter Applications – you may have heard about their labour-saving wifi kettle and wifi coffee machine already, but they are getting even more techy with a fridge selfie camera… You’d better find out more.

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