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Giving food waste the cold shoulder

November 1, 2018

In a food waste special, Michael Minch-Dixon joins us from Snact and Miles Hawley explains the role of Precipice Design

Ollie is upset…he thinks people are lying to him.

We’ve all heard the shocking stat that 1/3 of all food produced for human consumption is thrown away but, ever the one to jump into the mind of foodies, Ollie’s Great British Chefs research shows that we aren’t all sticking our hands up and admitting responsibility.

Whether you are honest or not, there’s no denying that food waste is a massive problem. Our half hour podcast won’t give us enough time to fix it all, but we’re hearing from some companies that are trying their very best.

Michael Minch-Dixon is not a stranger to The FoodTalk Show. We heard about his fruit rescue snack bars back in our early days, he also won a FoodTalk Award earlier this year thanks to his compostable packaging. He’s here to give his thoughts on how the big-boy companies can cut their food waste stats.

Alongside Michael is Precipice Design’s Miles Hawley – the company have also been on with us in the past. Their design consultancy business is pointing them towards lots of fantastic and innovation companies who are designing systems to keep the waste down.

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