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Grilling Puff Daddy

May 19, 2017

We had a wonderfully weird FoodTalk Show this week. There was a member of the Cadbury family and Puff Daddy, but we weren’t talking chocolate or rap music . What on earth would Sue Nelson and Guy Routledge be discussing then?

Well, first of all, let’s explain Puff Daddy. Craig Hughes isn’t the Puff Daddy, but he’s our Puff Daddy. I know you’re still confused though, why is he our Puff Daddy? Basically, he has it stitched into his suit jacket and is one of the driving forces behind Hippeas – the chickpea delights with a perfect puff. 

Moving from peas to beans (we were right on the pulse this week), we heard from the flavoured coffee company, Beanies. Mark explains all about their rise and how they have managed to make a perky cuppa that’s only two calories…

Now to explain the Cadbury bit. This story is much more simple, but the story is just as amazing. Justin Cadbury, great-grandson of the chocolate founder, is the Chairman of a revolutionary bit of kitchen technology called Synergy Grill. Words cannot do justice as to how amazing this is; no fat and halved gas bills anybody?

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