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Healthy Noodles with a side of Fruit Jerky

October 31, 2016

Paul Andrews and Sue Nelson are introduced to the world of healthy fish-inspired noodles and fruit jerky in a busy FoodTalk show.

First of all, we hear from Sue's trip to Inn Doors, a micro-brewery based in Sandgate, where she bought along producers Christie and Lucy. The team sample some all-British Gins and were impressed with what they tried. 

Next up we are introduced to Michael Minch-Dixon and his company, Snact. They are all about sustainability, and that's why they are making their Fruit Jerky products out of surplus supplies and so-called 'wonky fruit'. Their eco-friendly packaging has also been in the news recently...

Keeping with the sustainability trail, Emily Herrero from Oomi Noodles is next in the studio and she is also championing the friendly packaging. However, the real story here is with the healthy noodles that she is creating. They are based on sustainable whitefish and are a million times better than Pot Noodles! 

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