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How to make Farmers Markets Totally Sweet

December 12, 2016

Sue Nelson and Paul Andrews are plunged into the varying worlds of Farmers Markets, Fortnum & Mason and a healthy alternative to the traditional baddies that goes by the name of sugar in this week’s Food Talk. 

We start with a chat with Daniel Reeds from Total Sweet. Trying to cut sugar out of your diet isn’t easy but Daniel believes he has found the answer with the ingredient Xylitol. It looks, tastes and feels like sugar – but it’s better for you. We needn’t say anymore – take a listen for further information. 

Steve Woods was then able to tell us all about Farmers Markets work in Kent. His experience managing Tonbridge Farmers Markets and being on the board at Kent Farmers Market gives us a great insight into something we all ought to support.

Surely one of the goals for the stallholders at Steve’s market is to get their produce sold in one of the big department stores in this country – therefore it was apt that we heard from Andrew Cavanna, a buyer from Fortnum & Mason, arguably one of the best-known stores in London.  He explains exactly what you need to make the cut.

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