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It’s all in the name

August 9, 2018

No clues need, we have Real Good Ketchup and some Cool Cold Brew

The school holidays are in full swing; parents of the world – we salute you (not least because the roads are quieter and it’s quicker to get home). Those of us without offspring will stand there with empathetic nods towards parents who try desperately to fill the six-week period with activities that entertain and control. 

For your hard work, we have another fantastic podcast for you. There’s no tantrums or paddies from Sue or Ollie this week – that’ll be because we have food and drink in the studio (nope, not raisin packets or rusk biscuits).

Now, this is actually a handy bit of knowledge for parents; did you know that (according to this article) a serving of Heinz Tomato Ketchup contains as much sugar as a standard chocolate chip cookie? Scary thoughts, especially during BBQ season when little hands creep towards the big red bottle. However, it’s time to rejoice, this year’s FoodTalk Awards helped us to unearth the solution.

Easily deserving of their gold award, Elizabeth Jones introduced us to Real Good Ketchup. It contains 78% less salt and no sugar at all. The most impressive thing though? It tastes exactly like the real deal. Superb stuff.

Another thing that comes with having kids is the tiredness. They wake up early and demand to be fed and watered, they don’t even lay-in at the weekend – it sounds exhausting. The tiredness issue is exasperated by this heatwave – it’s not so nice to drink hot coffee when it’s what feels like 300 degrees outside. Yet again though, we’ve discovered a fix. We’re putting out fires all over the place!

This time it’s the handy-work of Joe Devereux-Kelly that needs to be admired. He has created the lovely Cool Cold Brew – the clue’s in the name; it’s perfectly chilled and perfect for the summer. Make sure you learn all about the cold brewing techniques that have created the tasty range of cold coffees.

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