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On the wagon

March 7, 2019

Today, we're talking about all things drink with no food in sight. Sue is relying on Holly as she admits she’s not an expert in non-alcoholic drinks. Laura Willoughby of Club Soda and Chris Beech of Luhv Drinks arrived in the studio to inspire us with some great alternatives to the hard stuff.

In such a health-focused time, more and more people are giving up alcohol during the week or abstaining altogether. Ollie reveals that nearly a quarter of millennials don't drink at all, so what are the alternatives? The consensus in the studio is that consumers are ill-served when in bars, restaurants and pubs with a disappointing selection of non-alcoholic drinks.

Laura is on a mission to give inspiring ideas and support to those who want to socialise and 'fit in' when on the wagon. Meanwhile Chris explains how is dedicated to producing plant-based drinks and juices which are good for the heart, skin and mind.

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