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Special deliveries

October 18, 2018

Santiago Navarro introduces us to the fantastic Garçon Wines

Special deliveries are the theme of our podcast this week.

One impending special delivery hit the headlines this week. You might have successfully avoided the Royal Wedding volume two (sequels are always rubbish – sorry Prince Andrew), but it wasn’t safe to pop your head above the parapet. Royal baby coverage is even harder to avoid.

That’s right, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been…busy…creating a new entry into the royal succession line. Cue seven months of incessant news bulletins and magazine inches. Listeners, please pass us the wine. 

In fact, why don’t you send us the wine? We love new innovations in the food & drink industry and creating a wine bottle that can fit through a letterbox is right up our street.

Founder, Santiago Navarro, is the inventor of full-size, flat wine bottles; innovative, slimline designs in 100% recycled PET. Remember the name of Garçon Wines – we absolutely love this idea.

Needless to say, Ollie and Sue were quite taken with this one. Ollie even bought some dodgy looking spirit in the studio to celebrate…we won’t be putting that in Santiago’s bottles anytime soon.

This week’s podcast is also available on YouTube – so check out the bottle for yourself by clicking here.


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