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Swiping left or right for a gastro delight

December 19, 2016

Chocolate, lunch and alcohol… It must be Christmas time – luckily, Sue Nelson and Paul Andrews have plenty to taste and talk about.

We jump straight into a chat with Noelle Ghanem who is here to talk to us about her company, Food Swapp. The statistics around UK workers and their boring (and expensive) lunchtime habits are shocking, and that’s why Noelle has stepped forward with ‘The Tinder of Food’. Fancy swiping food left or right? – You need to take a listen.

Next up, we keep the festive spirit alive with a spirit of a different kind – both go hand-in-hand of course though. Sue caught up with Peter Andrew recently to talk all about his lovely White Heron Cassis – their ‘adult Ribena’ would be perfect alongside the Christmas Turkey.

We’ve had talk of lunch and alcohol, so the next logical step is to get the chocolates out. Thankfully, Grace Simpson has bought enough of her ‘Goupie’ chocolates to last us a lifetime. It’s known as a ‘devishly moreish chewy chocolate confection with a hint of crunch.'

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