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The Bottle Shop special #2

June 14, 2018

We take a look at the vegan alternative to milk with Viegan Life founder Devin Chohan 

For those of you who missed it in the news this week, Sainsbury’s have become the first supermarket in the UK to trial an initiative to put ‘fake meat’ vegan burgers next to their meaty cousins in the shopping aisles.

This seems like a good hook on which to hang the second of our special podcasts with The Bottle Shop and their founder Andrew Morgan. This will be the only episode of the four to not feature booze, because everybody needs a break once in a while.

Milk…everybody loves the white stuff, but not everybody is able to enjoy it – either through moral choice or health issues.

Many have tried and failed to come up with a vegan and IBS-friendly alternative, but we think we’ve found the man who has cracked it by using tigernuts. Devin Chohan is the classic foodie innovator and has launched a number of successful brands, and now he hopes that the Viegan brand will rule the world.

We put the milk through an extensive taste testing – find out how it got on by listening to this podcast and visiting their website too.


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