The FoodTalk Show


January 17, 2022

Our host Sue Nelson is beyond excited for this very special edition of The FoodTalk Show. She’s joined by legendary food journalist, Sheila Dillon, who has been presenting BBC Radio 4’s The Food Programme for over 20 years.

Once they’ve finished sampling some tasty treats from Sheila’s native Lancashire, the pair get talking about Sheila’s remarkable life in food and the media. After starting out with a very public critique of her college’s unappealing dinners, Sheila’s career was driven by a passion for exploring the food industry and its impact on consumers.

She spent time in Finland and then the US where she helped break down more barriers in her pursuit of gender pay equality. Alongside some colleagues, Sheila brought a class action against her employers in publishing for equal pay – and won. 

Don’t miss this classic edition of The FoodTalk Show. 

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