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Brexit’s dream according to Ollie Lloyd

March 21, 2019

The last four weeks have been very health focused, something we're very proud of on the FoodTalk Show, but the presenters are back to their old ways and have sneaked in some booze this week. But to balance it out, Holly, Ollie and Sue want to understand the new trend in plant-based foods. Sue tests the team to see if they know the names of the dozens of types of plant-based and dairy reduction diets out there. How many do you know?

Ollie's research shows 56% of committed foodies are trying to stick to more of a plant-based diet (January 2019), and most especially basing their weekday meals around health. As a nation we are undeniably reducing our meat intake and these trends look set to continue.

After the plant-based discussions we are joined by Rob Berry of Asterley Bros, a company that Ollie describes as "Brexit's dream". He's worked through London’s history of tonics and liqueurs to painstakingly recreate (with his brother Jim) a unique drink with Sicilian influence - the ‘hybrid amaro’. Why has Ollie called it "Brexit's dream"? Listen and find out.

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